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Then there's the mercenaries who are kind of specifically hired to go in to get specific artifacts or assassinate people or Dr people of as a mercenary in the prequel game sky. Then you have the colleges to scientists. You've come across and then freedom duty as others freedom duty freedom, our duty are like they're kind of they're in all three games, and they are two factions center just perpetually award because they both want different things of his own. So duty is like they're all like former military, and they're trying to prevent the zone from spreading in like, really control it. So they'll use like they usually have better like military armor, strong style. They are actively pushing like Eunson bandits back then you have freedom and freedom is just like a bunch of anarchist like freedom loving. Potheads to be honest, and they just love to be like they want to expand because they love the complete lack of order in the zone. And so they're like a constant there 'cause a war. See, and I was so confused about that first because everyone you walk up into in the game. It gives you a description of who they're with their affiliated with everyone underneath a beginning. Just said loner, I'm like vise, everyone a loner in this. I had no idea that was part of the factions As as you you are. were early in the early game. When you get later on. There's very few loners everyone is trying to kill you actually, join you can actually joint duty your freedom changes. Who's with you at the end of the game. Oh is duty a place for the hundred rans bars at? Yeah. They're in the hundred ads bar area. Okay. I got a good story about that. So one time I was leaving that place after I went to the bar, and I hadn't saved for save Vard. I walked all the way over and I'm walking through the gate, and awesome. The guy says something to me shoot me in the face. I don't know why he just tells me, and I went through it. Again, I loaded my okay. And I'm going to be a little more careful nothing. I don't know if some things like like you today. The whole checkpoint just shot at me. I was weird because that same thing to me you walked into a the the actual combat the hundreds bars, not a stupid. We're only really duty. But there's like a head. Celebrate rostock. Territory and the duty as their base. And if you. Oh, okay. I was wondering what the hell happened. 'cause I got so lost in this game many times. This also has felt like a little feature where when you die. It's sometimes it is often so fast where you have to be like, wait what the fuck just happened to me. I mean, I learned to save constantly you'd have to say liberally. This is not a game that you could get through without saying. It's like elder scrolls in that way as well. Yeah. Yeah. She's a lot of like, okay. I'm in a new I'm in new cover quick say are I'd say killed one person. Kwiksave quick say I had to go hit escape hit saved gaming. Yeah. Five and I think I think standards like six. I think we should have certain conversations before you play anymore. Random PC gaming what we need to do is what happened to us..

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