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Station with a large footprint in Midwestern states all backed by Freddie who I want to give a shout out to democratic donor based in Chicago Tim I know this is personal bug a boo But when people go oh air America didn't work First of all they were like had the worst business plan ever But all of the radio broadcasting professionals like me and you know Tom Hartman and Randy rhoads and all of the fine people you have on wcb we're still out here We're doing it successfully and people like Fred eichner are funding if we had I've said this a million times to him if we had a hundred Fred eigen around the country we would catch up in disinformation This is what we need to do is invest in progressive infrastructure because you know again the people that are good broadcasters have made it the people that weren't or the you know I always loved Al Franken He was a great senator I hope he goes for the Senate again But the point is air America's business model was not good and they would tell you that at this point And part of this is to and I'm not saying we shouldn't spend money on elections but maybe dropping $50 million the last week via a super PAC in Florida is not the best investment that we can be making as Democrats Let's build something permanent Let's build a media infrastructure that pushes back on the disinformation ecosystem that Ron Johnson takes advantage of And it's about expanding local programming too There are a lot of trusted people in the region that we've brought on and expanded programming We have Jonas who's on she's great He's right She's 5 to 6 And on both those shows Yeah they're great You've got local covered yeah absolutely And as we added when I interact with the former CEO of the sometimes he has such a good view of what has happened to local media and how it has been gutted and you know what's happening with the vacuum that's being created It's being filled by conservatives And if we don't do anything about it then we're going to be falling even further by Yeah but you guys and Fred I know CPT is proving you can do it You know successfully and like I say if they would take a page from that all over the country I mean you can tell your communications director 'cause you're doing it every day on Twitter We were saying that's the ultimate compliment We're like we love you on Twitter I mean in person you could be awful but Donald fantastic on Twitter But it is I mean you know it just it's shouting out all of this like we talked about this earlier Fox News hosts suggest coronavirus variants are made up to help Democrats I mean it's such absurdity You're like what humans don't want to be in this freaking COVID thing still right Yeah because if there's anything that we're really rooting for for Joe Biden it's that the coronavirus doesn't go away because that's great for us That's not good for anybody And you know part of the media monitoring that we're doing here we are one of the first outlets to pick up on that Fox and Friends weekend segment and you look at how it's being repeated already former White House doctor Ronnie Jackson is already talking about the midterm election variant And this is something that they're running with So it's also early detection and seeing where and what type of spin they're putting on these types of issues and just having the ability to fight back from not only a national level to elevate those things but also to have a radio station that can broadcast to people and push back on the ridiculous Yes I do I talked to Eric bowler about the bowler king of America and you're like a little a year like a mini air bowler You're like a young Eric bullard in the Midwest because it's like roll call tweeted analysis Democrats and Biden could face backlash over what could be a hellish Thanksgiving travel experience And you just said analysis Democrats and Biden could face backlash over too many people seeing their family this year I mean the fact that we can go through which the jury is just oh that's bad news for Biden Yeah Yeah exactly Yeah But that is part of it too is you know we have to talk about the benefits of the legislation that's being passed We have to talk about we posted a story today about what it means that the infrastructure law has passed and what it means for 12 Midwest states It means you're going to get at least $90 billion for things like roads and bridges all the way to broadband and clean drinking water And that message has to be communicated because the bellwether is obsessed with the process And there is this thought that okay well once we pass the bill we're going to get out of this process mindset just talk about how great it is No they're always going to be obsessed with process It is always going to be another week of demise or delay and what this means for Biden's agenda and all doom saying But part of what we need to do is communicate with the law means for people now Yeah And you I mean it's also pointing out the hypocrites You just you know you tweeted GOP representative Ashley Henson in Iowa voted against legislation to reduce the cost of child care hours later she hosted a virtual roundtable about the need to reduce child care costs I mean and you're going to I'm sure be highlighting the people that voted against these bills are going to be out there at the shovel when shovels go in the ground and ribbon cutting going look what I did And you got a we got to be there to say no you didn't right Exactly Yep hits and hints and held that roundtable about 7 hours after she voted against reducing costs for child care And we're going to see that through the election We're going to see people at those driven cuttings It's about calling about holding them accountable And I was saying that who is it They let someone to meet the press get away with saying well of course you know Democrats want abortion to talk about because they have nothing else to talk about in 2022 And I'm like we got it Oh my God this has been almost the most consequential presidency ever in less than ten months I mean where is this tweet Republican political leaders are very very upset that gas prices are coming down job rates are great The ports are unclogging in shelves are stocked and potent approval rating is near 20 50% So it's like they just have to tearing down of America is all their four is all they can do right Yeah They're rooting against so much I mean we've seen record levels of startups for small businesses which is a huge indicator for the economy We've seen record levels of job growth We've seen for moody's and others projections that the economy is going to continue to grow at a very robust pace So you know there are positive things that we just have to talk about them We can't be doom and gloom and buy into the nay saying that Republicans are not With literally no majority in my opinion really we have 48 in the Senate We really don't even have 50 and to have gotten COVID relief Infrastructure and likely this BBB as well What are we ten months into a presidency Is historic amount of achievement Isn't it I mean I'm taking crazy pills No absolutely Huge amount of achievement Child poverty in house I mean jobless 4.6 You know on and on 5 and a half million jobs And with the slimmest of legislative majorities right We are threading a needle here And I don't think President Biden gets enough credit for that He's someone who was in the center for a very long time someone who knows how to work the phones and pass things And that is exactly what he's doing We're getting results from a Congress that has such a razor thin margin It's impressive and we're seeing results from Well and you tweeted McCarthy's doing incredible job highlighting his party has no actual ideas.

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