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Best in Latin American music all day on Sunday at Ravinia Of the Pitchfork Music fest is going on this weekend at Union Park it Randolph and Ogden. Phoebe Bridgers is there tonight. Saint Vincent tomorrow and Erykah Badu on Sunday 42 artists in total performing. Blake Shelton's in town this weekend. He is at the Allstate Arena on Saturday. Jeff Dunham, the comedian at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, And Bob, I think this one you and I should go together to go see Bobby Rydell. Oh, man, the our kata out in Saint Charles on Sunday. Bobby Rydell is still at it, huh? Trying to think of what was the Bobby Rydell that he had a big sellers to call. Forget him. He had He had a few and not one title comes to mind right now. I want to say forget him and somebody text us, uh, You big Bobby Rydell fans out there. We won't cheat by Googling. No, we won't leave it up to the listener. I don't think my computer will even look that up and also backed the Toronto Film Festival kicking off. Yeah, That's a big deal because it only happened virtually last year and the Toronto Film Festival is North America's biggest Film fest. You know, we've been hearing about the Venice Film Festival we always hear about can But here in North America, the biggest one is always in September. Always right around this time of year, um up in beautiful Toronto. Normally, I would be there previewing movies and interviewing the stars of those movies, But we haven't gone for a couple of years now because of The pandemic, but they did premiere the movie that kicked it all off. Is the movie version of Dear Evan Hansen, which was a Tony Award winner on Broadway. It started Ben Platt. He is in this movie version. It's not like they took the stage version and filmed it. They've completely restage that. With Julianne Moore now in it, and Amy Adams, and it's just one of the most beautiful and powerful musicals you will ever see on stage and I've already seen this movie version. In fact, I interviewed Ben Platt a couple of days ago, and we're going to share that interview on my Sunday show this coming weekend, But this movie version just takes you inside closer into everything that's going on. That you know the movies can bring you in close on different emotions and things. So when this movie comes out at the end of this month, I'm going to be highly highly recommending it. But that was the movie that kicked off the Toronto film fest last night. I was reading about the Diana musical. What do you know about this? Well, I haven't seen it yet. They haven't seen a trailer for it. It's not supposed to come out. It wasn't supposed to come out till toward the end of the year. But Netflix now has announced that they're going to be releasing it. On October, the first So they are going to let it go a little bit earlier. It's a musical. That is about the teenage years of Diana, Princess of Wales. So, uh, you know if if you want to see the trailer, it's up on YouTube, and it's not hard to find But it's a musical based based on the life of, uh Diana Spencer 19 year old Diana Spencer in this movie, so yeah, and this movie, it will be on Netflix. And I cheated. I did Google. Bobby Rydell had hits with Wild one. Forget him. He also did a version of the Lari Lari Mhm and you can see him in Saint Charles. What night is he? Uh, let me check my Bobby Rydell file. Kata kata in on Sunday Sunday. Yeah..

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