Pam Coo, Rajshai, Senator Schumer discussed on Radio Mass of Baltimore


Eighty wcbm baltimore and wcbmcom option i'm pam coo's l fox news this is the democrats and chuck schumer shutdown principal deputy white house press secretary rajshai as both sides digging in here's with senator schumer had to say yesterday we are happy earn eager to compromise but we will not be bullied as the senate plans to hold a vote some time after midnight on a shortterm spending bill democrats say they have the votes to block it and that has president trump tweeting he says if the stalemate continues republican should go to the nuclear option and vote on a real longterm budget the nuclear option is a parliamentary procedure that allows the senate to override a rule or precedent by a simple majority of fifty one votes instead of a super majority up sixty the shutdown has lots of federal employees wondering if they're working tomorrow hundreds of thousands of federal employees who start the workweek on monday will not go to work then if the government is still shut down and will not get paid for now accept federal employees whose job it is to quote protect life and property so for example the border patrol will still be on the job protecting our borders and the military still will be on duty same for tsa airtraffic controllers food inspection emergency personnel transportation male health care and national security fox is molly henneberg the massive women's marches that started yesterday continue today in cities around the globe in las vegas the goal is to register a million voters they're trying to get an elected women running at women registered and the numbers are proving that out a record number of women are registered a record number of women are running for congress and also on the local a level fox's caroline shy lee many ralliers also denouncing president trump's views on immigration abortion and lgbt rights fox news fair and balanced.

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