President Trump, Lisa Brady, Mr Trump discussed on Sean Hannity


Reception for the president on Lisa Brady, Fox News supporters and opponents lining the streets is he visits the Wisconsin city hit by riots after a black man was shot by police last weekend. Boxes Jeff but also is live in Kenosha, Lisa as President. Trump's motorcade drove through the destruction zone here in downtown Kinoshita. Hundreds rallied in support and in protest of Mr Trump's visit President also visiting the local high school that's become the emergency command Center for thousands of law enforcement officers here on the ground amid continued curfew citywide and is the ongoing investigation into the Only shooting of Jacob Blake continues while his family also calls for peace. Lisa Thanks Jeff for both the president and his physician are denying that he suffered a stroke or any serious health issue before surprise visit to Walter Reed Medical Center in November in upcoming book fueling speculation about it. In a just released statement, Dr Sean Conley says the president has not experienced nor been evaluated four stroke, mini stroke or any acute cardiovascular emergencies. Adding that he has no concerns about his ability to maintain a rigorous schedule. Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris, appearing together but socially distant for a conversation on Corona Virus Relief Administration, made sure the Mar a Lago crowd went to the head of the line. You had 40% of the money, not going to small businesses. They've run out of that unemployment. You're fighting for it. The House has passed the legislation to make sure it goes forward. What are they thinking? This is? Treasury chief Steve Mnuchin tells a House committee. He's willing to meet any time with House Speaker Pelosi, who keeps pushing Senate Republicans to double their initial proposal. Tropical Storm Nana, now churning south.

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