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I'm here solo care is likely getting a pedicure with Senator Schumer or having her feet rubbed by Evan Spiegel. But I digress. The biggest news story likely two thousand nineteen unfolding and we wanted to share some reactions and some predictions. We have the wealthiest man in the world a media company, potentially police and Saudis and dick pics. The ultimate analogous chemistry for a big media story and big it is so winners and losers winners. Mr. bazo, America loves an individual who turns around when he or she is being bullied and kicks the bully in nuts. And that's what Mr. basis is done. He is turned chicken shed into chicken salad. His reputation is strong as it was thirty days ago, but it's a lot stronger than it was twenty four hours ago. Oh, and to be fair, he pre- pretty dramatic leadership here. And that is putting a lot of humiliation impersonal privacy at risk to say, no, I'm not going to be a party to this. The worst business decision over the last twelve months until about twenty four hours ago was the wealthiest man in the world deciding to send out pictures of his junk, but that's been bested the dumb and dumber businesses here. The dumber decision. The worst business decision of the last twelve months is a media company deciding to try and blackmail, the wealthiest man in the world via Email, so the biggest loser hands down is AM. I who as of last night is out of business. They just don't know it yet. There are Jaguars in the reeds Lang and wait to strike in Peter Thiel was that billionaire this is teal versus Gaca all over again with a similar outcome except and my hasn't poked the bear. They have poked the mega Don the. Most creative aggressive mine and the most resource individual in the history of business is no longer focused on disrupting books. No longer focus on disrupting the cloud, but it's focused on destruction of AM. I they have fucked with a wrong own brea. Big winner. No one's talking about medium. Mr. Biswas didn't post a Facebook. He didn't go on Jimmy Kimmel. He posted to medium. Evan Williams becomes that. Rare breed of much manure who has birth not one. But now two unicorns as of yesterday about two percent of the American public ever heard of medium. It's now likely thirty or forty another loser police, and this is pure speculation. But a tell in law enforcement when someone is going forty five in the fast lane is they are hiding something. And they get pulled over poachers has been eerily quiet about this whole situation since January fourth why he's guilty. He knows something. He and M I were clearly collaborating. And we have not seen that car turned over here. Look for pota- similar to Facebook that every time we think something is bad. It ends up. Not being as bad as we thought. But worse Saudis Podesta's and the outing of these photos. The three are connected and finally what good can come from this. Jeff Bezos, his terrible judgment around. This is meaningful. But what is profound is the public health crisis? We are facing as the digitisation of mistakes begins to wreak havoc in our society. Specifically as relates to our young people, we have a fifty four year old man who made a terrible mistake. But we have young people who every day make terrible mistakes with their phones. And while Mr. businesses likely law sleep is likely gonna lose shareholder value. He deep down knows he is going to be fine. But does the fifteen of the sixteen year old boy or girl who's made a mistake with her phone do they know they're going to be all right or? Are they lying and silence is the mental anguish they enduring public health risk. It is no accident. That teen depression is escalating it's no accident that suicide rates among young girls is skyrocketing. We need to have a conversation around how we developed immunities against the digitisation of our mistakes. There are people suffering out there. It's important the conversations take place in our schools in our households. I know personally, I'm going to sit down my eleven year old boy tonight and not only give them a stern warning about these technologies, which I think a lot of institutions and people are doing, but also to reassure him that if and when he ever makes mistake that we are here for him, and he should never suffer alone. And in the dark. This is Scott Galloway in the box media podcast.

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