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A cramped room inside the FBI command post. This is the negotiation room Nestor quickly assembled after he touched down. And while it's small, it gives his team a quiet place to talk one on one with David koresh. Nestor slips on a headset and listens as koresh talks live with a negotiator. Right now, koresh is upset that the FBI cut his phone line to the outside world. The world needs to hear his message, he says. Then koresh pauses, and he makes an offer. He's willing to surrender along with everyone else inside mount Carmel, but only if the government agrees to put his message on national radio. Lesnar's eyes go wide, he didn't expect this kind of breakthrough so early. He waves to the negotiator and signals for him to pursue this, and so the negotiator asks what sort of message koresh wants to convey. Koresh answers immediately. He wants to talk about the book of revelation, the book of the Bible that deals with Armageddon. The negotiator proceeds cautiously. He wants an insurance that this won't be some kind of farewell statement, followed by a mass suicide. Koresh bristles at the suggestion that's not what he's after, he says, he just wants to share the lord's message of Salvation. The agent makes a counteroffer, koresh could record his message on tape for the FBI to review. Then broadcast. If they can agree to something like that, they just might have a deal. But koresh could do something to help sweeten the deal, the negotiator says. If he sends out more children now, he'll build up greater trust with the FBI bosses. Crash considers an agrees. He'll send out more children, along with the tape. Negotiator signs off and Nestor gives him a thumbs up. Nestor knows that this is exactly the approach they need to take. They have to stroke koresh's ego while gently pushing him toward a surrender. Nestor removes his headset, and rushes out of the cramp negotiation room. He can't wait to share the good news. And while he knows that some of the FBI will look skeptically at the steel, this is their best shot and the standoff peacefully. Inside mount Carmel, David koresh hangs up with a negotiator. He slowly shifts his position on the blankets. Another spasm of pain racks his body and he grits his teeth. His wound is still seeping badly. He feels even more lightheaded than before. And yet he's barely had a moment to rest. He's been organizing his followers, telling them where to bury the dead, how to operate a night watch, and now the FBI is on the phone day and night. Koresh feels woozy and slow, and now it's more certain than ever. He knows he's dying and must say goodbye to his followers. He calls Steve Schneider to his side and asks him to bring the people to him one by one. First the men, then the women. He also tells Schneider to spread the word about their exit plan. God has brought them all through the attack. Now they're leaving on their own terms. It's a victory. Crash begins paging through his Bible, picking out passages for his sermon. As soon he hears the voices of his followers, some are weaving. Other sound joyous as they learn the news about the upcoming surrender. Soon, the male followers begin to file past koresh. He smiles weekly as he gazes at his flock. The followers, he's grown to know and love. David thibodeau, Wayne Martin, Steve Schneider. Soon, the women are at his side. Crash is wives come first. Rachel, bending low to kiss him, Michelle, smiling through tears. Sheila Martin reaches koresh, and he says that before the full surrender, Sheila will need to send out her three youngest children. Sheila looks at him fearfully. And lowers her eyes and knots her head. Early the next morning, at 3 a.m., Sheila Martin stands with her family in the entry hall of mount Carmel. Everyone in the compound has gone to sleep. Sheila glances at the front door, which is riddled with bullet holes. Her breath grows labored, and she turns to her husband Wayne. She was terrified to hand their children over, but Wayne has assured her that koresh is making the right decision. It's hard for her to believe, but she trusts Wayne, and she knows koresh is trying to protect the women and children in mount Carmel. Sheila looks down at her ten year old son, Jaime. The plan is to bring him out first, Jaime sits in his wheelchair, waiting. He was crippled and blinded by meningitis when he was an infant, and she was heartbreaks and how much suffering he's already endured. Yet now he looks peaceful and calm. Jaime's brothers and sisters kiss him on the forehead and say goodbye. He turns and smiles at them. Sheila then takes a deep breath and scoops up Jaime's frail Bonnie. She carries him through the doorway and Wayne follows behind her, pushing the wheelchair. Sheila walks slowly toward the armored car where the FBI men are waiting. She sings softly to Jamie. He's always been calm by music, and she tries to keep her voice from breaking. When she reaches the vehicle, an agent stretches out his arms and takes her son away with surprising gentleness. Wayne sternly reminds the man that they'll be expecting updates on Jaime's safety. The agent assures him they'll take good care of the boy. Sheila choked back a song. These strangers will be Jaime's new reality, and she'll have to do the same terrible exchange with her 6 year old son and four year old daughter. They'll go out in the morning, along with a tape of koresh's sermon to the world. Sheila praise a surrender will come quickly and that she'll see her children again soon. Koresh has spoken often of the sacrifices necessary for Salvation. But Sheila never imagined that giving up her children would be one of them. It's two 30 p.m. on March 2nd, day three of the standoff. In a hallway in mount Carmel, Steve Schneider sits near David koresh, a small radio is positioned between them. The two listen to the last words of koresh's sermon, which is playing on the Christian broadcasting network's radio station. Schneider breathes a sigh of relief. The world has heard David's message. The FBI has fulfilled their end of the deal. Now, all that's left is for koresh and his followers to surrender. Soon, the march out in front of the news cameras ready to share whatever fake God sees fit. Snyder looks over a crash. The prophet is staring into space, his eyes glassy and distant. Schneider tells koresh he's going to make sure the people are ready and receives a slight non response. Schneider hurries to the women's dorm, looking for Judy. She was shot.

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