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You could just hop, your way through this. Neighborhood just. Going from cost photo genyk coffee shop to another and. Then there's there's just lots to keep you busy there and if you? Want a little bit of an escape right next right next to, the thick asks her neighborhood is Chinatown embarrassed, one of my favorite urban escapes which is the doctor Sampson classical Chinese. Gardens and it's such a beautiful piece of You know just an amazing. Little weight way to get away from the chaos of the city by escaping to, that garden nice some, of the other ones that are kind of the outlying ones say along the north Vancouver waterfront let's. Talk about those because you're kind of like going across the, bridge and kinda getting really out of town right yeah. North Vancouver is a really popular place to check out right. Now on the shipyards, district is an awesome area. That you could do easily from downtown, Vancouver 'cause we have the bass, which goes right from, downtown waterfront station. In Vancouver right over to lower Lonsdale and that, sea bass is to seventy five or so for. Per person to get on, it but but fifteen minutes. To cross and, in the lower Lonsdale area there's a farmer's. Market especially on Friday nights they have an evening market during the summer and there's lots of cool, little shops and boutiques in. That area to check out as, well so you also get, an amazing view, of the downtown area from that side So definitely. Worth. Popping over if you have an extra after noon and of course Granville island I mean no yeah, that is that is a must I mean it's our pike place times ten not to say anything's wrong with, our? Pike. Place because I love pike place market but Granville island is just incredible it's home to so many artisans a lot of great little shops there's while quirky. Things like an apron shopper broom shop an awesome distillery called liberty distilleries which has really fun pink Jen if you're into that that also I love the market itself as you mentioned because there's a, mazing cheese makers and sausage makers and all those fun kind of, elements for a great, picnic so you could. Definitely wander around there and there's a new, restaurant on gravel island as well it's actually in a converted shipping container and it's the brainchild. Of four high profile Vancouver shafts started this casual eatery it's just walk up Take counter service and it's called Peppino campaign it's a really cool new spot on. Ground violence before it's definitely were checking out.

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