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Bacon in turn the deadline to apply is August the twentieth Facebook calling the removal of the storm area fifty one they can't stop all of this event a mistake split the page back confidence website Matthew Roberts the event creator said it was removed for violating community standards he said he was given no further explanation more than two million people have signed up for the September twentieth event with a million more saying they're interested good luck with that and believes is giving away free trips to those who want to escape the invasion of area fifty one the tourism board's offering the fifty four people who live in the to the town of Rachel Nevada a free place to stay to avoid the alien hunting crowds as the town prepares for their in flux of nerd lanes to come and see the fifty one I overhead the city free agent quarterback calling Cabernet still wants an opportunity to play football in the NFL hold on a second yeah is gonna in that one right there yes he and raider star Antonio brown suffered extreme frostbite during trial therapy I got this tune in a big trade now he's dealing with frostbite of all things because by trial therapy machine he was not wearing appropriate footwear where when he entered a cryotherapy chamber last month in France which burned his feet and left them frost wow well I did my best to lighten the mood for a second I want to make it dark again when we come back nineteen twenty six apparently was a we talk about confrontation these days in twenty nineteen wait a year about nineteen twenty six straight ahead also voices you try pristine and I've been doing this for a wire Sam Shane reporting the news we have a pretty good idea of what you're looking for and Christina meant for low relevance stories meeting full in balance we have the big stories of.

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