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Chris Crawford. I'm Nick Greenwood. Snaky football and get in touch 84458 Oh, 93 to 6. Also in the open mic in the wdbo app. Just download the app. Click on the open mic. We will play those Throughout the show. Now before the break, I asked are unbelievable. Live local allowed community here. We need to come up with a name for this community. I'll wait for Jerry for that. That's nothing. Jerry will cry if I don't include him on that. That is a very Jerry Daniels. Yeah, he's going to want to be. He's going to want it on that. So, uh, where they would get milk cartons, milk crates. For the milk crate challenge Because I don't know where you would go. We have a caller on line one. Keith is on line one, Keith, your live local allowed. Appreciate the call, man. Educate me here a little bit about the milk crates. Well, I've worked for teaching early and I've worked for Coca Cola. I can tell you, uh, a ton of them are acquired by the five finger discount. Alright, people, the story just toss him out back to be out of the way and people walk by dropped at night. Load up. Okay, It's that easy, so people are just finding these in in alley books. It's all right. That's it. Behind the WalMart behind Publix, Stack our publics his way, you know, and people just grab by and load up. Alright There we go. Alright, Keith, Man, appreciate the phone call. Thank you. All right, all right. He's got it for us. All right, so it's just they're laying around places. That's I think that's what coaches told me. It was gonna look apparently, Yeah, You just got to look around. Apparently now now what will happen? This is like when you buy a new car. And you think? Wow, that's a great car. I haven't seen this car before. And then you see the car that you bought everywhere. I will see milk crates everywhere. Now. Everywhere that I walk. My God, You're right. Yes, I I have to go to Publix tomorrow. Sam's Club the day after I will see milk crates everywhere now, okay? So there we go. I still by the way going back to this milk Crate Challenge. I don't know how people are just going to the hospital left and right. They're walking up this thing you showed me a video of a woman walking in heels. Yeah. Yeah. Physically more injuries in this thing. Yeah, like this isn't not needed not need. I'm glad that we aren't seeing. It just seems like there should have been more. This isn't like the planking challenge where people were just laying prone on things flat and like that didn't take any effort. This has real danger. People. All right. You want to get in touch Candidate 4458 Oh, 93 to 6. Also in the open mic in the WWF opened my question tonight. By the way, Tell us what milestones. In sports still matter. We've got a few open mics will get to hear just a little bit later, Miguel Cabrera hit his 5/100 home run over the weekend. Much of the amazement of what felt like no 1 28 player, Major League baseball history. It is 5/100 home run, and I feel like everyone's like, Yeah. Good job, Mickey. Yeah, just man. You don't really well done. What? Remedy over the fence. 5 500 defense thing. Cool 500. That's a lot. What? Really amazed me. He's only the sixth player in Major League baseball history. Born outside of the United States, they hit 500 home runs. That's a number that's gonna probably climb as time goes on to, which is really cool. Yeah, I would think so. The game has become just so international. I'm surprised. It's only six. I mean, obviously, obviously Albert Pool Hall Sammy Sosa on that list. I just It amazed me that it was only six. But you're right. I mean, think about some of the great international players in baseball right now. That number is going to go up. It's going to go up. Um As as time goes on, we're two weeks into the preseason. And I think there's about five. Chris. I went through five legitimate quarterback competitions right now, like I I went through the league. And you know, like you can talk about a quarterback competition, talking about Trevor Lawrence a little bit later at 8 35. I don't think that's a legitimate quarterback competition. I'm not going to include that you talk about Carolina and the fact that P. J. Walker And will Greer taking more snaps and Sam Donald Tsang Donald's jobs right job right now, Right? The jet Zach Wilson. Zach Wilson is going to be the starter week one even though they haven't named the starter, But there are five teams right now. That I think have legitimate quarterback competition. So what do you say we go through? And go and and break down where we currently stand. All right, let's do it. I want to start with the Patriots because of the news today, Cam Newton is barred from the facility due to some sort of confusion. For a test he had to have after the game, So he's not going to be able to join the Patriots until Thursday. But on one hand you've got Matt Jones used the 15th overall pick on you've got Cam Newton..

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