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When shopping this holiday season. And you're not going to see the Trans Siberian orchestra in Cincinnati or anywhere this year. Unless unless you purchase a pay per view. And I want to tell you all that how you do that? Because there are a lot of T s O fans in this town, and I will not just tell you about it. You're gonna hear from Jeff Plate. They're one of the original guys. They're percussionist. Get you ready for the holiday season? Well, this, you know. We knew it. Ryan family could do after last year, and it was not much and why the Bangles chose Theo go into this season with Ryan family Is there back up to Joe Burrow? And now do this. It's it's all it's mind boggling. According to a guy that works at the NFL network might Garafalo He's tweeting this right now. The Bangles are planning to start quarterback Brandon Allen on Sunday against the Giants. Now, This is a guy that was on the practice squad until, like 10 minutes ago. Anyway. That's who will replace burrow in the starting lineup. Finley will be the backup. Now. How you explain that one. I mean, if that's the case, what was brain and Alan doing on the practice squad, and now you're going to elevate him and start him. Last year, you bench Dalton and started Finley for three games, which in the end was good because they lost all three and they wound up with Burl. What the hell's going on it Paul Brown Stadium. I don't know. Maybe Tony and Bono Or maybe Rocky and moan Oh, Rocky and Mo Tony and no wedding where you want to go. Here it is the Bangles report. Rocky and most show brought to you in part by our Adele carriers and by my kiss, Truc Chevrolet on 700 wlw,.

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