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Know not everyone's GonNa agree or see my perspective and a lot of things that that's totally fine but it's it's definitely an inspirations that. I would have never guessed if we had this conversation six years ago and said, this is what we'd be doing twenty twenty. I would have laughed a little I'm not gonNA lie because it's not like me I don't like the spotlight I don't like putting myself out there for a very wide audience. I'm not a public speaker like not by nature it is something that I've benefited from from during the podcast. Better. It's insane. I would not have imagined that me six years ago would have probably passed out. You know it's funny because today everything is remote everything is zoom or Google. Or gotomeeting or Webex or whatever, and a dating's different. So another ghost ve it's actually been really good one. It's been our little casper. The friendly ghost is you know our friends in Phoenix kind of forced us to do video dates yet. They were the first they were. They were our virgin heard they were. We give a shit we weren't. We didn't care. You know to do video dates and we were so glad we did. Oh my gosh no regrets over Kurtz. No regrets. No is fabulous and I adore them. In every opportunity we get to talk to them. I'm so on board but it did open the door for us to consider doing that especially given the environment and as often as we can because I mean, we have friends worldwide Dow in Lake. Hey dumb ass. You can connect with them whenever you line. Well, it's pretty amazing soon that girls can be working day shift so we get to talk to them more. Zecchini thicky congrats on your new GIG Darlan we're talking deal. So the last one I I WANNA throw out there we've said talked about negative experiences you've talked about a couple of positive experiences. Should we go back to the well, if we had a positive or negative experience if it's positive should keep doing it if it's negative, should we never do it again? Well, it's human nature you want to repeat the same success soy thing historically, our behavior is guests we go back to the Welwyn we've had a positive experience for me. This is where you and I are a little bit of polar opposite like I said earlier I struggle after having a negative experience to give it a second try. And I like to maybe try to do that. It really depends on the circumstances and what the this negative event was. But I I don't know that I should have avoided as many second opportunities especially, if it's with somebody else, what are your thoughts on it again, as as a former educator in some spaces I always told them and our kids two points makes a line three points makes a pattern. So.

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