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The hour now, time for check of sport from around the world here's Dan schwarzman. Thanks, Brian. Another day of upsets at Wimbledon starting down the women's straw at 60 to Carolina plus gova loses in three sets to Katie boulter. Notables advancing to round three group top CW tech, foresee Paolo badosa, AC to Jessica pegula, and 11 sea coco Goff. In the men's draw two seed rafters of Dallas advances to the third round in four sets, fourth season stephanos sits past moves on a straight set, as does love it seated in American Taylor Harry Fritz, two upsets occurring those 12 seed Diego Schwartzman loses in 5 sets of Liam Brody, a 13 C Dennis Shapovalov falls in four sets to American Brandon nakashima. Reports at a New York State that Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant has asked team owner Joe side directly to be traded. Sources are reporting that nets general manager Sean marks is working with Durant and his representatives to move the 12 time all star. The rant has the Phoenix Suns and the Miami Heat on his wish list to teams but Brooklyn is expected to move the 33 to whichever team offers the best return package in a trade. Sources report that the Dallas Mavericks have been told that guard Jalen Brunson will be leaving the sign up in New York Knicks. The 25 year old will get a four year contract with close to a $110 million. Finally, the mercury news reports that both USC and UCLA are planning to leave the pack 12 and join the Big Ten starting as early as 2024, both schools have yet to formally apply to join the big tenant of not let the pack 12 know yet what their intentions are on the enforcement that your Bloomberg will sports op a. Markets, headlines and breaking news, 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business out and at Bloomberg quick tape. This is a Bloomberg business flash. Hi everybody, 13 minutes before the top of the hour, we update markets every 15 minutes. Asian equity futures are mixed, recession fears are growing though, and we saw that with continued selling of U.S. stock to the S&P 500 down 9 tenths of 1% and sovereign bonds are rallying now. We have the treasury yield curve inverted with 5s and tens, but buying driving the yield on a ten down below 3% at 1.3 .01% is where we'll be when the Tokyo market opens up the two year yield at 2.95%. We had some disappointing personal spending data in the United States to shrink in May for the first time this year and gains over the prior four months were revised down. So that tends to show that the consumer is a little bit stressed and that makes people worry about the possibility of recession with the higher interest rate profile from the fed and the fact that they are still moving to restore their reputation. So we're setting up mix at the moment, but one could speculate and we'll get to Garfield Reynolds in a few moments to talk about this that perhaps has the day goes on. We'll move lower nikkei futures for a while. We're trading higher than the cash flows yesterday. Now they're trading at a discount to that. We have Australian future Zoe up two tenths of 1% China futures of half a percent. No trading in Hong Kong because of holiday. That is a check of markets. Head back to with headline news and San Francisco, Ed? I'm Brian coming back to you in just a minute here. China's president Xi Jinping is declaring that Hong Kong has been reborn after 5 years of risks, says the facts show that one country two system policy is strong vitality and can ensure

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