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I've talked about on the show many times. I was struggling. I was doing pretty good with my mental health before that and in louisiana i kind of you know really self isolated. I wasn't doing anything and it. Just i kinda went right back down the the ditch of anxiety and panic and depression and all that stuff and it and it got you know i was. I was doing bad. And so the last time i talked to. Trent who was. When i called him on the phone in tears saying i needed to go home and i needed to be around my support network because i was not feeling safe down there and everything else and so you know that was they had about four weeks before the thoroughbred meet started. This was two weeks after the quarter horse meat ended. And so obviously i put him in a little bit of a tough spot. They found they ended up higher. John kerry who was down there and it worked out. Okay i think. I think john might have missed the first week because i think maybe he had you know. Took a couple of weeks to get everything lined up. But regardless john still there which six years later but i always had a lot of guilt not only for myself but for just how that all went down because you know when travis left you know they. They needed someone. I really kind of thought. I was going to be the guy there for a while and i wanted to be and it just you know i look at it now like i was trying to process the guilt of that whole situation in therapy a couple years ago and i i really with a lot of that stuff. I just came to the conclusion that you know what i was sick and i was just trying you know i was struggling and i was trying to get through at the best i could and i did what i thought was the best for me at the time and i think it was the best for me at the time but it's obviously sucked for trent and for louisiana downs and so as we're sitting there in the middle of card i looked over and i saw trent he because he's gm at hoosier so he's obviously you know going be there. They're sister tracks big day and so i'm sitting there. Oh man. I said i should go say hello to him so i walked up. I said hi trent. I don't know if you remember jason beam and he said yeah man how you doing and so. We sat talked for a little bit. And he's like he's like so you know what what's been going on and i work for churchill and culinary i just got the tampa job and doing this and he said that's great to hear you know and so he told me what he was up to and I so i just want to come say hello to you and i said i really wanna you know. Just say i'm sorry for how everything kind of went down back there. And he kinda stopped me he goes. Are you doing okay. And i said i'm doing a lot better i said i really am and You know. I told him this what i just said here. I said you know. I was just sick man and i didn't know how to deal with it. Then and he put his arm on. My shoulder said some nice words. And i we say goodbye but it was. It was really It was really emotional. Because it was a little bit of a closure for that. I mean i kinda had done my therapy work and made the closure for myself but it was nice to at least get to chat with him and And say i was sorry for how everything kind of went and you know he obviously understood and just seem genuinely concerned and it was. It was nice to be able to tell them that. You know things are going well. And i'm doing well and you know kind of shake hands and you bygones are bygones and everything's all goods. That was that was honestly for me in a weird way like the highlight of the day. Just because it was it was it was so nice to to get to see him and kind of have that conversation after six years so the big ups to trent. And i was good to see him and i it was. I got to see a lot of you guys. I must have got stopped twenty times yesterday for people that listen to the show. Follow me on twitter. Whatever but the connection. And the i want to say power of the podcast but just connection that it enables for me to have with with so many you guys. Who are you know. We're all just horse racing. Fans i mean when i bump and you guys it's usually somebody comes up and they said hey you know i listened to show. It's nice to meet you and we immediately start talking about whatever races coming up next or you know that person's you know how they play the horses or or whatever and like it's just so cool to me to get to meet you guys and have those moments of of conversation and it just kind of put you know because because you know the show is done. It's me in a room and so we don't do calls and so the emails me very important because it does kinda keep that connection somewhat tangible even an email isn't tangible But going to the track and getting to meet people that listen to the show and appreciated her. It was what guy one guy or talking about. You know what we just listened to the inside the pylon interview so repetitive places. Show on every horse here. I just about fell over laugh. But like i love that. I love that that i get to meet people that listen to the show and you know like i said we're all just we're just worse players and fans and we're all just trying to enjoy the game. We love and i got to do a lot of that with with many people yesterday and it was very cool to spend the day with with scott. I've never truly gotten the hang out with scott other than one day at hcc so we sat in the car for an hour and a half each way and sat at the table with each other the whole day it was. It was a blast fact. We will talk to scott next as i said. It's not going to be the jury. So scott's gonna lead us off. We'll talk scott james and then we will look ahead to some of the weekend action coming up. It is a friday edition of the jason beam. Horseracing podcast brought.

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