American Troops, Omar Bradley, Betty Grebo discussed on Veterans Radio


German forces i'd like this one shot that i see and i've seen it in the photograph and i've seen it on a film were bradley i love this where he's in a g he's writing shotgun and there looks like a pfc or what is asking him for his i d tell us about that sure the german part of their strategy in the battle the bolts went to disguise uh german commandos as american mps when soldiers to get behind the lines cut communications wires set up roadblocks a gift basically caused chaos at a number of bridges until the german arbor forces could get to them uh and you know take those britain to keep the offensive rolling and uh one through food discovered uh because the germans would make small mistakes like they would say you want to go down that road a couple of meters they would say you archer miles uh and so there be little inflection that they failed uh kinda uncovered them uh so once we realized that you know the germans were describing themselves with american troops uh you know and ps and other soldiers this story creating a sort of american trivia passwords to anyone they weren't sure who they were and omar bradley would late on a number of occasions to important meeting because he was being stopped by mps asking him who won the nineteen thirty nine i was just betty grebo married to cling to german his wouldn't know and you know bradley in the number of general stumbled over these questions before they finally convince the mps who they were remember this.

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