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Gio? Nothing big hunting fancy. But. It'll be in your brain somewhere at a plant that earworm right and start over and over somebody like Ralph mouth would always say, no matter what the situation that's what she said. Every single time, that's when she said now. I'm wiping your ass that's what she said like whatever whatever it was. That was always his line. Then you guys would quote Shakespeare like Vinnie livermore was played by Laurence Fishburne in Josh, Wade Skins movie about Josh weights can searching for Fisher. And Benny Habe quoting Shakespeare the whole time is. Now you know you gotTa know? Shakespeare to quote Shakespeare and This guy. Shakespeare. So that was another way or there'll be people who stayed very barry. Let's call it sexual and the conversation like graphic and now is now. Throw you because Chesapeake would morph into sort of like no sex toys. In the description I what? Did I cover your head do could you please play chess but that's where the conversation would go and and. Anything they were doing. The roof is petty trained against. The rear like what's Your position. Really okay. Go with that. So everything anything can come at you depending on who it was that you were talking. So it also, of course, you also have colorful language and you could avoid that either. So yeah, trash-talking really. I would say it's not so much a generic art form with various schools and so much more. So the person expressing themselves at the board in a way that allows for them to feel like they're inflow and potentially disturbs your equanimity and that's happens in. You're done. I saw people who are better chessplayers. Just lose their cool at the board because the other guy just kept talking and the worst thing to do to attract soccer something to stop talking. And now you're not. Really okay, I'm going to stop talking to you know I'll start talking to I, want to respect you. So I'M GONNA, stop talking right now I mean, really you're better player. So let me stop saying anything and disrespecting you by talking that's what's going to happen is this going to be unending stream and you're never gonNA get past it. So the best thing to do is to keep cool and for me that was real really good training..

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