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So it's not a slight to him that he's going to be an odd man out potentially and wherever he does wind up. Again, if, if he goes, he's a good player. So clubs would do well, I think, to get in on this and see if they can poach him because I think that he's there to be, he's there to be gotten. But if you haven't seen the goal that he scored, do it right now, go. We'll wait. It's amazing. Just on that game, John Mueller, one of the best followers from the Atlantic. Phil Neville called a friendly against Barcelona. The biggest game in Miami's history and then brought on his own son and David Beckham's son who have zero MLS minutes between them to play in it. That was just, if I'm a first team player at info Miami and I see that happening. Absolutely stinks. And he said it never had said they'd earned it. But it is an exhibition. All for God's sake. We just saw this. If it's the biggest, if it's the biggest game in town, then it's the biggest game, or it's the biggest game in the club's history, then you play your first team squad. These two guys, and Romeo Beckham is, he quit football and then decided to come back to it. I've heard what is the name hire V Neville or whatever his name? I've heard he's a decent player. He might be okay. He doesn't have a senior MLS appearance. He has no MLS minute. That is a card, a complete joke. They earned the right to plan it. That's the kind of thing that makes like when people were talking about the perceptions of American soccer. Perceptions of when people see stuff like that. The owner's son and the manager song coming on against Barcelona. Well, if they're good enough to play, they've earned minutes against they should play against MLS teams first, no. Yeah, of course they showed Harvey Neville came on at the half. In fairness to Romeo Beckham, he came on in the 87th. Even worse. Even worse. They were down 6 zero. Even worse. Like even worse. Oh, just get him in. Just get him in. Get him on against Barcelona. He's played against Barcelona. What a treat for my boy. What a nice thing to do. It's a big game or it's not a big game, Andrew. Okay, it's not. It's not. We all know that it's not the manager. I don't care what he says. The manager shouldn't be talking about it beforehand, then playing his own son. It's oh my God, it gives me the creeps. If you did it in amateur football, you get ruined, absolutely ruined always bringing on a son. All of a sudden, against the big side, the glamour side. Huh. Yeah, here it is. Apps, all I hear is it. I can see that. If they are good enough, maybe they are going to. They should be playing in with the first team squad

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