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In your home three international space station crew members are back on the ground after nearly five months in orbit it's the start of a busy week for the space station program the trio undocked from the space station just after midnight eastern time and touchdown about three and a half hours later in kazakhstan american randy bresnick at is russian at italian grew major said to be doing fine as their replacements gift set forth their launch cbs news space consultant bill harwood russianato airs play a little it's another soyuz early sunday carry three fresh crewmembers to the station boosted the labs crew backed a six and in between space x hopes to launch a supply ship to the international space station tomorrow from cape canaveral air force station after two postponements earlier this week peter king cbs news orlando and i'm ed hartley i ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy news radio kkob jason steeple didn't show the media is very quick to come out and make really inaccurate judgments about what they see with little to no information because it is in their best interest to try and keep you tuned in that means speculation most of the time they've all kinds of people coming out of the woodwork every time that there is a new announcement every time that they have airtime they've got a phil what they do is they fill it with experts all these panelists that come on in most of the time they're just making stop up the jason stapleton show at apple podcast and google play westwood one present viewpoint with bukhari sellers don lemon krikorian phil prodi thanked the brotherly ayers and thank you for that than honored who really grown man embarrassed proud i look up to you now thank you brother listen i'm going to start with our president who has targeted you and his attacks against cnn you've been in business now for almost thirty years what's it light covering an administration that is fundamentally dishonest well when people say this we've never seen anything like it we've never seen anything like it this is unprecedented and uh to tell you the truth to scott hoch thick draining a make sure that igf yet to deal with it every single day acting people really are confused about what the truth is so it is done with car resellers viewpoint subscribe apple podcast goo goo play on the westwood one podcast network westwood one presents the.

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