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And weather together every ten minutes on the tens. He's the net KOA jet copter. Nice little sunrise on the way, how we doing on those roads. We are smashing and crashes. Bardy southbound I twenty five we've had four now make it five accidents between a hundred and fourth and eighty four this morning. The latest is in the HOV lane at far left lane. Southbound I twenty five after one hundred twenty before you get to roll two-car, but it is a bad spot at it's backed up solid back to one hundred twenty your drive out of the tech center into downtown. They have slow because of a new crash northbound I twenty five Ed gale, you've also got a crash on northbound two eighty five right at highway eight before you get the seaport seventy mega that drive coming out of the foothills and into the metro area, very slow for you. You drive on the west side of town and pretty much anywhere. As you come out of your neighborhood this morning, you're going to be. Pretty icy drive. But what you get on the main roads and highways it's fairly it's fairly dry. Watch your bridges and overpasses your ramps do had an earlier crash on the ramp from northbound Parker onto southbound juju that jammed that ramp up and we've got southbound Colorado closed because of ice not so much because of the storm this a water main break a water all over the road is now frozen on southbound Colorado, just after I twenty five at but del so all lanes of southbound Colorado are closed because of the water main break traffic being pushed onto southbound I twenty five you get back off and get on your way. You've also got flashy lights on the boulder turnpike this morning crash. Both eastbound and westbound at mccaslin. The westbound gresh truck slid into streets on a roadside. There took it out on the eastbound crash is on the ramp from a Catholic onto eastbound thirty six and that's a slow and a stalled semi downtown. That's on the ramp from northbound I twenty five eastbound, I seventy is clogged that ramp up.

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