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This is gonna break all the cost information in conditions of housing like license in all fifty states and one hundred thirty thirty they've identified the earliest sign of humans in southern Greece after they found a chunk of skull in a cave the skulls estimated ages at least two hundred ten thousand years old making it sixteen thousand or more years older than an upper jaw bone from Israel that was reported last year the research published in the journal nature shows our species began leaving Africa much earlier than previously thought the travelers to Greece evidently left no descendants alive today other research has established that the exit is from Africa that led to our world wide spread didn't happen until more than one hundred thousand years later then you work is the latest sign of earlier dad and exits from the continent where homo sapiens evolved you can does ports from Russia continue to flow into Turkey despite US objections A. P.'s at Charles de Ledesma reports the US is threatening sanctions if they continue the Turkish defense ministry says two more cargo planes have landed doesn't feel near the capital Ankara reading Russian made defense systems components for the fourth day running they were the eighth and ninth planes to ride since Friday Washington has repeatedly won't take a little impose sanctions on the NATO member country and excluded from the F. thirty five stealth fighter jet program if I'm correct does not told it's S. four hundred procurement the Turkey has refused to bow to US pressure sings defense purchase it's a matter of national security I'm sure that's my environmental protesters have blocked roads in London and four other British cities in a new wave of demonstrations demanding foster action against climate change hundreds of supporters of the group extinction rebellion blocked the streets outside London's royal courts of justice on Monday they called for charges to be dropped against more than a thousand people arrested during climate protests earlier this year protest rules are taking place in Glasgow called if Bristol and leads Britain aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by twenty fifty extinction rebellion once it down by twenty twenty five eighteen radio I'm to require for freshman democratic congressman color denounce president trump was weekend tweets telling them to go back to their own countries Michigan congressman Rashid to leave says trump's attacks are just more of the same sadly this is not the first nor will it be the last time we hear disgusting bigoted language from the president we know this what is who he is trump is an apologetic labeling the Democrats socialist story even communists who despise the USA hate our country they hate it I think with a passion now it's possible I'm wrong the voters will decide several Republicans in Congress are also critical of trump Utah senator Mitt Romney calls trump's comments destructive demeaning and this unifying senator Tim Scott of South Carolina the only black Republican in the Senate says trump has interjected I'll with unacceptable personal attacks and racially offensive language in his tweets in Charlottesville Virginia James Alex fields a sentence of four hundred nineteen years in state prison for killing one anti white supremacist protester and key injuring some thirty others when he drove his car into a crowd one of those who were injured concert young says people ask her what they can do to help what I now ask of these people specifically these white people is to be less apathetic in the face of racism to accusers of Jeffrey abstain told a judge in New York to keep the wealthy financier behind bars until he goes on trial on federal charges that he sexually abused underage girls Brad Edwards is their attorney both support the government's position of no bail both believe not only is he a flight risk for the obvious reasons but also that that is the only way to secure the safety of the community this is a P. radio news contacts are being traced to the first person in Congo's largest city go by who has been diagnosed with Ebola doctor how to knit jaggery is the one with the World Health Organization this is very serious because this is a foster you know plus thirty three of many people he prays on those who are very sick dokey them and we don't know now how many people he has token go why is home to more than two million people mark low **** is at the United Nations you know already that we had cation you can day you've seen the reports of that recent case in Goma unless we're able to scale up to deal with the risk of spreading game we will not be successful in getting to zero cases health experts have long feared Ebola a responsible for killing nearly seventeen hundred people so far in Congo since August would make his way eventually to the city cut cause health ministry sought to reassure people.

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