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Three hundred dollars. They've been seemingly using more in the passing game. He's been getting more running carries. He's actually looked pretty decent running the ball kind of the pseudo number one with Josh Adam. So you're gonna number one issue running back at thirty three hundred dollars. A guy was also involved in the passing screen game for thirty three hundred bucks makes a lot of sense in defense the eagles twenty two hundred cheapest defense available and you're going against a first time. First time a quarterback in the playoffs worth noting. The eagles made it through the entire season without a defense of or return touchdown of any kind. And I think that means there do they're only one of like twelve teams to make the playoffs without a defensive or special teams touchdown in NFL history. So the opportunity knocks due for a. Defense or special teams touchdowns. Give me the Shaun ley breaking news. I realized I had three eagles in my lineup. And that was a disgusting act. So stripped, I've stripped Nelson Alar outta my lineup and used a little bit extra cash. I've slotted in Gus Edwards like against the chargers. Forty two hundred. Yeah, Aguilar is he may be worth it because he's so cheap. But he's coming off two touchdown game. I don't know how far he can go up from that Geoffrey is just certainly more reliable. But he's e- costs a lot more. So yeah, or they're great analysis shown great analysis. All right. Well, guys, solid podcast here. Big ups to Christian always calling in makes your check him out on inside Vegas on the sports. Pat cast network available on I tunes wherever great podcasts are downloaded Pena. What's what's coming up on inside Vegas playoff preview? What else we also have the national championship next? Monday's we'll be doing the national shave. Ship preview as well. As the the wildcard overview, wrapping up NFL season came and went already guys. Well, I know it's such a bummer. It's such a bummer now. I gotta go figure out how to take pictures of all these lineups and put them on Instagram doesn't yell at me. Yep. Exactly. For the sports gambling pass. I'm Sean stack in the money green. And he is Ryan I got nothing nothing classy to say. So I'm not gonna say anything at all shown, Kramer, let it right?

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