Joffe, Sussman, CIA discussed on Mark Levin


It discovered that joffe is associates had gathered data showing that between 2014 and 2017 There were more than 3 million lookups of Russian phone providers IP address but fewer than 1000 originated with IPS addresses affiliated with Trump Tower Additionally the data assembled by joffe is associates showed that DNS lookups involving the executive office of the president and the Russian cell phone provider began at least as early as 2014 That is during the Obama administration and years before Trump took office The data shared with the FBI however a omitted both of these details Emitted the details Sussman also allegedly told the CIA was not acting on behalf of any client when according to dorm he was in fact working for joffe This revelation is huge It means joffe had data that disproved the very theory sussman peddled to the CIA about Trump or his associates Using supposedly rare Russian made wireless bones in the vicinity of The White House and other locations Further The CIA received only the misleading data and not the full analysis chaffee had commissioned Two added details confirmed the significance of this revelation First shortly after news of the sussman indictment broke and while the press remained hyper focused on the alpha bank angle that Trump was getting special favors and communicating with alpha bank in Russia The New York Times gave sussman's team an assist And getting ahead of the news By casually reporting about the targeting of a Trump with DNS lookups Charlie savage and Adam Goldman reported for the time since September 30 2021 as follows The alpha bank suspicions were only half of what the researchers sought to bring to the government's attention According to several people familiar with the matter There are other said it concerns centered on data that a Yoda phone a Russian made smartphone rarely seen in the United States have been used from networks serving The White House Trump Tower in spectrum health a Michigan hospital company whose server had also interacted with the Trump server according to the times And the headline of their article was Trump's server mystery produces fresh conflict Now why is that big deal Plus The New York Times didn't have this information So it was spinning And behalf of joffe and the others What was Trump and his people What were they doing with the Yoda phone in this information They weren't doing anything with a Yoda foam or any information They reported Mister sussman relayed their Yoda phone findings to counter Intel officials at the CIA in February 2017 the people said it's not clear whether the government ever investigated them And it goes on A ladies and gentlemen this is a grave threat to our republic This is a grave grave threat to our republic what took place here We don't need the meeting that Democrats telling us that January 6th was an insurrection when it wasn't We don't need the phonies in the frauds and the fools and the buffoons in the media telling us anything They participated in this And as I speak they're participating in a cover up By barely noting this barely reporting it pushing it to the back pages 5 years ago The beginnings of this 5 years ago the beginnings of this were noted And let me ask you a question who is involved in this the Democrat party in the media Who doesn't care about this the Democrat party in the media Who seeks to destroy this republic with this American Marxism ideology the Democrat party in the media That's why it'll be important in the last hour to talk about Mitch McConnell I'll be right back Months.

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