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Yeah I guess you have view saying so. That's one fact derailed. Oh no no this one insee so at the end I need you to clear up something who okay. You're always having into the movie. It looks like he sold the dog. And then the Dr Fall them off auto see I had. I was confused as well to. What is this exchange of money? He was selling been car. He sold the car because he stole the one of the the brother's car that he came over in when he was Oh and he just walks car without a car some Fu money do what he wants yet he was he left a lot of my daughter. I was like there's a lot of money I'd also don't know how much a peso says you know like let's say let's look for the list of them basis two dollars five hundred bucks okay. How much thousand was the was the big one that's to grant? Yeah Yeah I mean. They did mention no he. He played sixteen fights. And let's say you did ten grand per fight so it'd be like five hundred like times. Fifteen grand per fight was really that much. Yeah I mean he's a UH fifteen krant but if he got he got it was twenty thousand per fight and then he got fifteen grand that dude also why fog would wanna be with Susannah. Who just took all of his money? That's another reason why I didn't like him. I was like dude. Steve Steve Fucking is soon as she could. She betrayed you. Why would she be with also the whole time she was like no? I don't I don't WanNa run away with you and he's like yeah this way but what if I had money for a while. Yeah I don't have really much else now I'm trying. I'm reading my notes. Let's I said I tob Yo. Low Key sucks said. Did they killed like twenty dollars for this movie. Valeria Moron like she got out of her fucking wheelchair to like crawl on. Oh I'm like dude. Food doctor says oh well she has like open pens like inner leg. I'm like what are you doing. Also hire someone to get the fucking dog out. I don't like the first night. That's that's where a little bit of a unbelievably unbelievable from like it's like dogs stuck on the floor all right. Let's go to bed. We'll figure it out chocolate. Luckily to also there are so many brats fucking rats would have eaten. The chocolate chocolate was not eating or no. Rats made an appearance in the apartment. Either some holes in other words I mean like I don't think they came from through the holes. I don't think they were running around in the apartment. There was no but they put the chocolate in the whole remember. Yeah Yeah and they need it. Yeah Yeah I don't know what is the gene Q.. Patented serve you. It's right or we decide if the true Phil True Rating God one day. I'm going to get this right. You know the true rating of the film is over are under the IMDB rating and are sitting at a pretty eight point. One eight point one man. I'd like these types of films. Well it's weird. I like these type of films..

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