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The today that you look at and really admire i i like i all those guys named you know uh larry larry fish jail you know i i know to work that he uh what he puts into the game the dedication antonio brown julio jones's just a piece out there he reminds me a lot of uh you know terrel owens you know big fiscal guy but you know a guy that can run a four three and run by you in in in the british strike fear uh into the opponent the super bowl i'm just hoping for a good football game you gotta lean a little bit towards the patriots because they have been there are so many times but you cannot count how uh the eagle's you know this this uh uh you know a hunger team but they're going to have to be able to slay the dragon and that dragging is uh tom brady and uh i it's really a difficult task but you know i'm just hoping for good football game what is the time first team all trolls thirteentime pro bowl player threetime super bowl champion jerry rice doing these days hell of lpga a good that's right you don't cherry hill we're good yeah yeah you know what i'm doing that and uh they have so many different flavors they have french on anya they have a bacon horseradish they have a blow milk ranch and uh they also have the no fumble fanny pack now you know with all the spills in in the stains in all that you don't have to worry about that anymore you got a place uh in the know fumble fanny pack you have a place for you chips uh you got a place for you and your beverage for a chance to uh to wind and no fumble fanny pack you can go to hell of a good dot com.

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