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Are you surprised butlers? Already over one hundred yards receiving five catches one hundred twenty four yards twenty five yard average. Here's the deal. He's number one in the country with receivers over forty yards averaging twenty two yards. A catch. He's got a decision to make likely after this game tonight. A lot of people thinking that he could both for the NFL and Butler a redshirt junior would be draft eligible next summer. He has graduated as well. So I think that's a foregone conclusion. Handoff Montgomery had jumped cut crossing the ten you'll get most of that the yardage right back. Brought down at the eight yard line. That's David Montgomery to high school quarterback. And now first team all American. According to pro football focus this season. Montgomery fourteen. One hundred yard games. It is grew fourteen. He's got a decision to make perhaps after this game tonight as well. Pistol formation Montgomery directly behind party too wide receiver formation one far one year. Seven the box for Washington state movement at the line Montgomery. They'll take the hand off his direction. Purdy tries to get crossing the goal line Iowa State. Nifty ball work by the freshman quarterback from nine yards out and Iowa State on the scoreboard for the first time. Now, they just run zone. Read inside who gets the key block for Brock Purdy. But none other than the key Butler on the edge finishes off the play. And you don't worry when I was scouted Hickey Butler earlier the year we had them down at TCU. There were several plays made by David Montgomery running the ball. But all of them were keyed by Kim Butler blocking downfield, and I just thought. Wow. Matt Campbell has a special player in Nebraska. Touchdown. That ruling is under further review sixty nine yards in four plays in less than two minutes for Matt Campbell's, Iowa State cyclones, very impressive. And they'll take another look to make sure the knee wasn't down before the ball crossed the plane of the goal line while they did exactly what we thought they needed to do at this time, which was moved down the field get points on the board. And who did they go to they went to their playmaker? Number eighteen. I just think the guy I reminisce earlier this year in their loss. Against Oklahoma Akeem Butler, five catches one hundred seventy four yards two touchdowns. And then he set up a third score with a huge catch. I mean, I just thought then watching him. I was like this guy is really good, gene. Chizik the former head coach national championship. The ruling on the field of down. Stan. Party's TD is good gene Chizik said it on ESPN air. He said this guy's the next Terrell Owens. I thought he could probably. Yeah. Absolutely. We just took over the game. Now the touchdown stands. No indisputable video evidence to overturn. That are big ten officiating crew in the boot tonight checking replays, Rick Nelson. Four twenty six remaining now in our second quarter. Connor a Sally onto the all important extra point. Snap whole hit on the way right between the pipes to make it fourteen to seven and a brand new ballgame what a response by the cyclones out of the big twelve..

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