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I would say the the second year. Because i'm thinking of thirteen fourteen but that year is probably one of my favorite years in four divisions problem on favors playing hockey experience. We obviously got the play on jobs. Who's a dream come true and then the at christmas time got two to play in the world genius which We got to play in canada which was just over the toddler Played montreal eramet like we played montreal on boxing day against boston narrate new year. It might have been years actually against team usa and you know sold them. This is the best atmosphere like. There's never better outer atmosphere like this ever plant. And then we play in the quarterfinals in toronto and it was just on a whole 'nother level guys oil Like maximum score a goal and. They're chanting don't hear yourself think they're chanting places roth And we had unbelievable so yeah that was so he had won the world junior year and the like and then re other really good teams hussein. sean keep our coach that we had brought in like a lot of Really really good players and at a at a fairly decent run out of losing to to connor in the western conference files in the job and then ended up going to see. And i think we played. We played utica that year in the playoffs. Only play like the last four games in the series but it was kind of like a cool way to cap off the euro the plan three different leagues and and play some pretty pretty important hockey throughout it. So yeah i was one of my one of my fears inauguration. I think it was just you know you when you play that many places you get to meet a whole lot of different personalities on different people experience lot they drive like you go from suzanne marie where Good team. we travel a lot on the bus. But like i know it's okay. Cnn okay so you're playing you custody. Got a little taste of the four. Am bus ride to the airport. And the two flights to new york in that the a six hour bus ride to work for our bus rights fans nuts to auditorium a great fan base there as well so yeah yeah see. I got like a little taste of everything. Everything season started. We started off in santa monica in playing and playing is yellow. Kingston fish off in is the who was your talk. Oh go ahead all right when you first first couple of games ebbets who is your partner. Oh goodness i can't let go. Ra put him on the oilers for a few years have been like a little kid on three rings him. They don't remember either. I only thing. I remember my first. My first game Was the first shift. I think i had hit a new hair to sean on net announced by one so that was night. Those might i just. That's describe are remember from that. I see games. How i want to talk a little bit more about the current defensemen. So you guys lose adam larsson. That's a very difficult loss. But jim play fair. Also messaged over. That ended up training with evan bouchard all summer. He's a very high end prospect in your organization considering like i don't know if you did or not have somebody take you under their wing. You're now taking him under your wing. I don't know if he's going to make the squad but that must have been pretty special for him. And i would that you were training with them with mattie nickel. I actually Spy she ended up. I switched trainers and a shout. I a north. But i start working with connor and up aguirre hours yet That would have been just over a year year and a half ago so but now being and bush were moose gaining together actually about our skiing so we we skated together every week and hopefully enjoyed it. I mean for for me. Obviously whenever you have the opportunity to work with your teammates over. The course i'm right. It's it's a huge huge ad because your rain the same type of intensity and work ethic that you want during the season you wanna be pushed to that extent in the summertime to. I think whenever you're doing that with with your teammates it's for for me. I'm like gabe bushes booze hot. I am prospects. He's a guy that's gonna be really good player in this league. Really big part of our team so i think it would be great for us. Great festival work together and push each other. So as much as as much as china push losers pushing me each and every day because You know he comes out there and he brings no. He rang the work that we need to get better. So there's a lot of fun and in the summer and agassi working with bush in the bars gain in working with data on the gym as well. We weren't full devon shore zakheim and so we have many many other group gone. Probably just a location reason than i guess with mattie because i know he ended up getting a new gym setup but it's it's pretty far away isn't it. Yeah a little. Yeah yes Is a little different spot. We ended up end up working with honor a just after after the bubble actually and so the end of going in going a little further. North wants the pandemic it and working out with a with adrian that gary spice and it's Since helped me a lot. I thought i thought. Connor switched over to how johnson and joy mcleod for trainers. I don't know if you saw the commercial virtual commercial as it gets. His acting is getting pretty good isn't it. He's the new. Tom brady very very good. Did you guys buses balls about all the acting stuff..

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