Celtics, Gordon Hayward, Al Horford discussed on CBB: Creighton at Northwestern


To the entire roster will mona team day what are the celtics due last year the number one seed in the east of what are they now all still the numberone see so how does that happen exactly what i said when you is to to a system that allows the players to function to their optimum ability but yet win career is out with a fracture face with gordon hayward is down what a horrific injuries still win with al horford is out when marcus morris who hack twenty it's well is out still women still find a way to get a desert you mentioned al horford and you notice from that graphic that he's the only starter those returning to the team and he has low key been the key to the subs early success is always going like 50 points a game shooting forty nine percent from 3 and one thing he has bring to this team but they focus on his defense he's blocking shots use all right there in the greek freak he's hitting threes i'll horford has been the rock the veteran the defensive end offense of sort of like leader of this team not with the ball but as a person how does that veteran presence helped as yanti while it helps tremendously because here's what ends up happening in sports there such thing as splash place or allow place and so light dinner smith as a rookie draft to the basket around pagasa and other to hand down death allow yes to blake griffin comes to mind no question in seoul the boston celtics have multiple players who are not that ticket quiet points horford comes to mind we think about the better bigs in the game anthony davis book cousins karl anthonytowns chortling be i can name so many players before i say al horford yes nobody would argue with me about nobody will but he's actually become the prototypical big me because he used to play four now he has the ability to play five you said issues to three plays defense and he's a veteran he understands his role he's a professional he can help bring young players along and he doesn't matter who gets the spotlight which is really important at this point of his career don't get his jalen rose this.

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