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The captain we had was super entertaining. we've really felt like rockstars people from other boats. Were taken our pictures because who really sees a fleeting up a dvd boat on the water. Apparently that was a tough question. Because you don't even have a single guest. Oh because we've gone way over and people are totally so this movie. Also had i'm bruce willis it and a very young or why do i forgot to say something. I cannot forget to tell everybody this. I'm gonna post it later when i get home to The county chairman. Kevin wayne wanted us to remind everybody. That colonel kelly. This is very important. Everybody colonel kelly will be in town monday at three o'clock at the county administration building. It's an open meeting. There's a lot of shit going on with the chit coming down from lake okeechobee. And the c. c. option. That's cc from the army corps engineers which isn't to the liking of lee county or the captains for clean water or Or friends that they don't believe there could be some tweaking. The i my understanding was that they were going to pick one of the five and and then work on it. Yes sow so if you if you want to have some input or if you want support kevin and the county county commission. Kevin's really been obviously pushing for clean water for a long time. You know. he's one of the ones that actually is fourteen. Honor i says i for clean water bottles with it. So three o'clock tomorrow at the county administration building and it's going to include all the elected officials. All the mayors are going to be there. It's gonna include realtors Chambers commerce is going to be like all hands on deck. Yeah i mean. I think now the big pushes that to get that alternative. Which from what. I had read prior to this was the one of the better ones of the others that were available. But now there's really a specific area that needs to be tweaked and people need to get in there and say that that high flow area needs to be tweaked. And i love brian mass. Because it comes on the show. But when brian mass is one hundred percent elated with what's picked we know. That's bad news for our size really. I think it's i. I don't think that that's alright but could use your input. They could use your help. Nets three o'clock tomorrow. I'm sure it's going to be carried. Live but if you can show up in person at the county chambers building which is Downtown that that'd be a great help to help them. Balance that alternative so that it's the best we can do for for everybody involved or everybody know winner this week. The answer was the sixth sense. So we'll hold over the tickets next week. This is the first week that we haven't even had a guest so next week will try to ask janine for an easier question like Who was in the who is in the movie dumb and dumber. That'd be easy right. Jim carey and what's the other guy's name the blonde headed what's isn't now see. Maybe that's not if i can't get it. We should really dumb it down low so anyone can get it even pavement folks there with us alright a long one today folks and we apologize to all the affiliates down the line that we went way long. We wanted to get the water topic in. Don't forget nine o'clock on monday. Is the public safety committee in the marine resources task force their meeting together and they are going to Talk about lighting lighting lighting and more likely by.

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