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Homes and businesses were rated with forty two people arrested Colorado and nine other states have legalized marijuana use. But it remains illegal under federal law. Lisa lacerra, Fox News, either rain, nor snow could keep his neighbors away hundreds in Marietta. Georgia coming together to say goodbye to Milord, US, postal service carrier Floyd mart. Martin sixty one year old earning. A name for himself, delivering while offering advice and smiles for over thirty five years while making the rounds on his last day. Neighbors gave gifts hugs and decorated mailboxes in his honor folks also launching a gofundme campaign for him to travel to Hawaii. Thanks to a local reporter chronicling. His send off on Twitter page surpassed sixteen thousand dollars in four hours, Christine Goodwin, Fox News. Tour temperatures across the southeast this Memorial Day weekend, down across the southeast. It is hot. If you're there, you know what I'm talking about. Temperatures have been breaking records daily records for a number of days and there's no real change in this system. We're going to continue to watch that high pressure stay in control. It's going to keep your temperatures really hot. Fox's Rick right. Move comes at a time in the mid west is battling flooding and they're still cleaning up after that tornado that had Jefferson City Missouri nine dead from severe weather. I'm Bill Walters. This is Fox You're trying to sleep on a lumpy mattress, you need to new mattress and soda your kids, Michael J here. You gotta do what I did mattress warehouse. They've got a buy one get one event happening right now. So let mattress sets are buy one. Get one free mattress warehouse. Now carries nectar mattresses to for a limited time, save one hundred and twenty five dollars in your neck, your mattress purchase and get two pillows for free mattress warehouse. Visit sleep happens dot com to find the store nearest you. Peppers dot com. Bam..

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