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Want to show you can't do Stottlemyre again reduced. Enough already. You know? I mean, the last thing I want, and I think that was kind of Hardaway they gave him big money, and I like to morte junior, but he's not the answer for what the Knicks need right now. And you know, unfortunately for him he stuck in Martin this. I'm sure he loves playing for the next. I'm sure he loves playing in the NBA, and he's making a lot of money at the end of the day. I think the athletes still wants to win. And he knows that Fidel is keeping Kanter on the bench. And there's a reason for that. Sure. Yeah. And I I also think that David phys deal will have some influence on free agents. But it's still a tougher sell than it was maybe thirty years ago to come to New York because you can be a superstar anywhere, and you can get that money to stay in a particular place. You can get more money like the Paul George Oklahoma City one sorta embodied all of that. So Paul Georgia's from LA all he had talked about was going to play for the Lakers, and that was a done deal. But then he gets to Oklahoma City. He's paired up with another superstar Russell Westbrook. He knows he's got the birds right thing. Going on. So we can get paid more there than anywhere else, and he signed a massive extension. So he realizes that the state taxes are better there than they are in California. That's probably a part of it. Two hundred percent. It's not like New York has going for him. So it's you have to find that guy. And that's why I do believe that Durant during his thought process is going to say because he's someone that listens to the criticism. We know that he's got Bernard Twitter accounts for crying out loud. So this is a guy that says everybody believes that I jumped on the warriors bandwagon. I went there. I won all the championships. The only thing that's left for me. Now is to take a corpse of a franchise back to the promised land. And I can do it in the biggest city in the country in New York. And I could take my businesses and grow my brand there will you? Yeah. Yeah. He's the guy that could do it. I don't know if everybody else is taking like that. I do think I read like.

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