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Just a couple of things for people to look at posted on our show page. But first of all, we had an author on today. That was really Good. So you can look at our you know the summary and everything we gave it. Four stars. The last Green Valley Also grant posted, um Palsy. She is the August cover of a lure magazine. And, um, you know, she's having a first baby any day. I don't know when these photos were taken, but she's quite pregnant and she's in a mess Stress. And then another one. She's painted a nice shade of avatar blue. So, yeah, if you're currently pregnant, and you're looking for some iconic photos, and you need to get some inspiration, I give you, Halsey. Yeah. Sorry. That's perfect. She's got a mullet regatta and one and then blue and then kind of the blue shadow. It's kind of it like the you know, it's an interesting It's an interesting look, that's all I'm going to say. I don't love that. The mullet, is it. The mullet in the chain mail dress that is not doing combo is too much. I Wasn't she a blonde recently She looks completely different changes her life all the time, but she's I think, having the baby any any any day now, but it's a Selva salvage. It's a fairer Donald chain mail dress. Who knew Who knew Pere Gamma was making changing male dresses right? And I don't understand why she is three hands when you look at this photo, but there's two hands on a breast and one hand on a baby Photoshop baby bump. Photoshop here? Well, Oh, I guess it's a bra that's shaped like a pair of hands that she's got on Ryan out loud. That's a lot of hands. I still think there's a lot of hands. I think there's a Photoshop feeling there. I think so, too. I think that whole look is busy and it's not her best. Look. Yeah, it's not anything she's going to be hanging. Oh, piano. No, I think it's almost like the blue painted same lady picture. I don't like I like the one without the cover. Yeah, Me too. Laureate. I'm glad. You know when I was pregnant. That was something you didn't do. Never had. Demi Moore hadn't come out with her Vanity fair cover of herself. Nude was she looked lovely that she had by the 10 year. Maybe she she had had she She was the first one the way I felt about my naked self. And more importantly, my arms, Okay. I think I had a child out of my arms. My arms grew more than my belly. At what? The point. I felt like Yeah, I was not. There is no need. There's such a limited amount of pictures of me being pregnant. You should have taken some you. Look, darling. Probably. Oh, no. Laurie, you where are you changing your story. I'm not changing my story. 30 years later, one question about your arms. They were. Listen. It was the outfit to that was, you know, tight around the arms. Oh, gosh Grand. She told me I was having I was so pregnant and I was just feeling so ugly. My arm. Bathroom it Carlson company and I said, Lord Byron's work fat and you're like they do do do do arms crossed the man laughing. I was crashed. Why do you see? Don't ask questions that you already know the answer to new percent. But I was just like I can't believe you told me that you don't know how ugly I feel right now. She didn't lie to you. I didn't lie. But I will recommend if you're pregnant right now, In real pregnant, one of my happiest places to be pregnant was floating. Get in the water. It is such a release in my pink and right straight little target cotton suit. One piece piece was so cute, but I mean, being in water pregnant is like The best feeling. Yeah, I love that. Alright, well, also the red carpet last night Space jam a new legacy. Everybody was there. Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, which shack ands India with legs for days. Who is she going out with again? Tom Home Islands Spider Man. Yeah, That's right. Tom Holland, who might be starring in our authors, first Big book Beneath a Scarlet Sky is a miniseries you say? Looks like my son. He looks so much, but she channeled her character, Lola Bunny. In a very colorful mosquito jacket and teensy matching shorts, and she just looks amazing. She she's oak. It really is. Did you did you for a year to come out the second season of that Lori never did. Got hung up in it Had you got hung up his kid pandemic and add in December. It was a two part like a special series or something that was done. But, yeah, I don't know when that show is coming. That show is intense. Very I couldn't do I like that. Good. I liked it, but it was a lot. It was just a lot to take in. Yeah, I couldn't do it. Check out when they get too hard. Yeah, I have. I felt bad. I checked out of underground railroad, which is it couldn't do it. But you know, that is based on Colson Whitehead's his book Where it's an all Alternative history about the Yeah, And that book was supposed to be amazing when it came out in that Mark Sullivan, our author said. That's less scratchy. Random like that came out like six years again. I I think, um, when I started when case and I started watching it, it was just It was so intense and made us both just feel like uncomfortable. No, not uncomfortable, mad that this is the way that black people were treating this country for so long And you know for That no one died any differently. I mean, it just It was like it. Just it was Manning. It was it was upsetting. Okay, it was upset, but it was nominated for an Emmy. So I might take a try it again because I did the other second, then it was really good. But I mean Amazon. It's an intense experience of the show. Kind of like Lovecraft country was an intentional, but that was just once a week. Underground railroad. It all comes out. You know, I think I think that is not a show like you watch an episode digested Come back to it. It's too much, You know, it's uh it gives you a lot to think about. Like Ted Lasso. You have have that or s creek just have one or two little nibbles. And don't try and gobble it all up at once. You'll be sorry. Don't be such a hog. Don't be sitting at salt, so you're going to be watching the All Star baseball game tonight? I'm not. I'm sure brand are you into that I'll tune in and out. I won't sit and watch every I'm a big baseball guy. But this it's The twins are kind of coming back a little bit. They're not so far back there playing so many baseball players declined to go to the Ulster because it's a weekend off. Oh, they don't have to play in the league. They bargained it out with their with their bargaining association that they don't have to go. So they get the weekend off. And when it's a long summer, it's a nice four days off because they get out from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. God my mom was wondering about that. I can tell her because the only person only player from the Mariners, the picture decided Not to.

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