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Walking down the red carpet at the oscars and a hobo confronts him and says george you remember may do you remember my name for emano second george clooney clooney will be the loser in this conversation george clooney will get a little trepidation he'll get back on his heels who get a little nervous he'll start thinking huq hidden figures for one little moment that hobo we'll have he'll have jurisdiction and deal how that he gets and that whole boat gas and the portly middle aged woman both have a weird little victory in their own had that your a bad guy they you adam kerala for not knowing that that it's premature no they just hollywood now i know hollywood phony no it's it's that you get to have dominion over george clooney four three seconds because you steady guy is a billionaire with his beautiful wife and is a house sunlight coma in his tequila brian early but for this little midday cheer moment and time i'll actually be in charge of george clooney he'll be the one feeling weird and bad offbalance and all be in charge for this one little exchange yeah because i think it's noble though that i guess in honor of the holiday he didn't have the woman removed from the party i absolutely who other than we ever do ceu this woman was yes this was the with gary's fiancee this was the this was the an and of rob at the other shop who this crash tell me if this drives you insane.

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