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To the great content on that website it's greg vidar greg welcome to the great show again how are you then blow it very blow it already that is let me tell you a five thousand already you must be a static at the reaction to boston sports journal of our com yeah you go or angry in uh you know the guy that i've brought on board would i wanted to work means you're doing a great job room joe mcconnell valor you know i know you crowd on that's right rhode island guy earn killing their and our bruins camp her mom across bricks counting buffalo now at warrior a karina iron them yeah so far so good go yard oregon away jackie drive in it do you have as much time to break down the film like you used to or now since you are a fullfledged entrepreneur do you have to you know go to the way well they ruined the nfl game passed by the way i don't like some of the changes there to be able to to watch tape but do you have the amount of time to conduct combed through the all 22 the eu's to grocery now me i gotta make car your it added fly guy umbro it's unbelievable yeah i mean if the only way to know what's going on with the kmm y you know if you watch you know people white can make a big deal out of the may think good footballer quite complicated yapi ah you'll bella kurkova notre the now new note her balls really not that hard as long as you walk quote we enough and you walk to figure out what going on it not quite earlier in the summer i order reno question um you know how how record rob greg ski or training camp and then you know also are brought up at i thought the patriot training abel we're all would kind of thaw the my you know it will with another team i would have founded the alarm bell 'cause i worried about or or but during the patriot crippled back a little bit but you know going as you you look wealthy enough you.

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