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Great local affiliates like the Fan in Cleveland, which continues to pay Ken Carmen, probably a bloated salary of six figures. Congratulations on all his successes. 93 7, the fan of Pittsburgh, where I'm coming from today. All those stations are there for you. Just download it for free A U D y. CBS sports radio dot com. The CBS sports APP. So happy to be here with you today. Andrew Philip Pony. Uh, Olympics going on. I'll just speak right up front with you. From the very beginning. I have not watched a single second of it. It's I don't know what's happened to me, the kid that sat down and watched the 96 Olympics and Mark Henry Kurt Angle, couple wrestling guys, the U. S women's gymnastics team. Michael Johnson, Donovan Bailey, So many of these names are seared into my brain. Because I watched it as a Let's see 10 year old. Made my mom order the Summer Olympics VHS that commemorated the games. I was super into it. 35 year old Andrew Philip Pony has not watched a second. I'll probably bet the game tomorrow morning, the United States basketball game against France. But to this point, the times are wacky. The 13 hour difference between the United States and Tokyo. I don't know what's live. I don't know what's taped, so I don't know how I can't speak intelligently Tiger speak intelligently about a ton of stuff. But that is not one of the things that I'm really keen on. Right now. The Olympics underway in Tokyo, Japan, Uh, I want to start the show with the College football landscape and the ramifications of the Texas Oklahoma moved to the SEC Pete family who went to the Harvard of upstate New York, Syracuse University. It is covered college football so well for Yahoo sports over the years, believes that by the end of next week by Friday by the time we come back on the air, the Pony Express, CBS Sports Radio 2 to 6 Eastern 11 to 3 Pacific next week on July 31st. Pete Thamel is reporting that Oklahoma and Texas will be on their way to the SEC. Now they can't begin playing this year or next, or probably the year after that, Unless the lawyers really go through the fine print, get the magnifying glass out and find a way. To accelerate and expedite the move. They'll probably be sticking around in a lame duck Big 12 for a few more years because they don't want to pay the big cash Ola to move out. It's going to cost them big bucks if they want to terminate the deal now. But when I find interesting or predictable about the way this conversation has been Presented About Texas and Oklahoma. Moving to the S C C. You hear a lot among college football fans and people even working within college athletics. You get a ton of gnashing of teeth. You get the boo hoo cry babies. Oh, no. This is going to ruin college football. I'm looking at an ESPN article from a very professional journalist Heather den Ich She writes today, College administrators believe the larger impact could significantly damage the sport. This is going to have The ripple effects throughout college football that are going to bastardize it and ruin it and sully it and the college football. We all grew up within loved Ohio State, Michigan Navy Army Orange Bowls, Sugar bowls, The Rose Bowl in Pasadena on January. 1st, uh, that this move by two teams by two schools. Mind you. One of them has been largely overrated and irrelevant for about I don't know. 10 years. That this is going to ruin college football. To which I say, Uh, spare me shut up. You want to talk about a lot of this is the equivalent. This move by Texas and Oklahoma is the equivalent of when you Yes. You out there get a big promotion at work. You get a new job. You. You sell your house and you move into a bigger house in a much nicer neighborhood. This is the equivalent of having those jealous friends. Those jealous friends who try to make you second guess your move. Who try to make you feel Guilty. For doing well in life. Give you the whole well, the grass isn't always greener on the other side speech. Oklahoma and Texas. Moving to the SEC will not negatively a factor impact my college football habit, which it is addiction, which is absolutely is one bit I defy I dare anyone. Over the next hour to call into this program at 855 to 1 to four CBS That's 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 the Pony Express CBS sports radio and tell me With some cogent thoughts, not just emotional. You know, you're if you're in Oklahoma State fan or you're a Kansas fan. Someone that doesn't have, like a huge bias that Completely nullifies in Makes their opinion. Uh, makes that makes their opinion completely erroneous. Want someone to call into this program over the next hour at 855 to 1 to four, CBS 4227 and tell me how exactly this is going to damage and ruin college football. Spell it out for me. Try to get through to me on that. Because the one thing I will tell you right now. This is what I try to do not just in this business, this line of work talking to you. 200 plus affiliates in places down in Texas. Yee ha, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi. We are in all those states Oklahoma. We are live on the air in those places right now. The one thing I try to do with this show. I don't want to sound like a big hypocrite. I don't want to sound like a two faced son of a gun. Where I say one thing, but really an Andrew Philip ponies, heart and mind. I believe something entirely different. I'm going to shoot it to you. Straight Bang, Bang, Bang bang!.

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