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On energy is on the line. One of the few people I know of who's actually respected by the right and the left. I don't know how he's achieved that, but it's quite an achievement. Daniel Jurgen. And his. He's a member of the board of the Council on Foreign Relations. His new book is the new map, energy climate and the Clash of Nations. Am I Right about you? By the way that both sides review that seems to be the case, Dennis that seems to be the case. So I guess sort of. I can't quite explain it, but I think you called it. Yeah, that's it's a credit to you. Not true for me. You're I kind of stay in a fight in a different lane. You understand, anyway, it's much thoughtfully true. The left reads bi. It ordered that attack me anyway, you don't have to react to that. It's quite a right anyway. It's a pleasure to have you on the book is important. The subject is unbelievably important. Again, Thie subtitle tells you what it is about energy climate and the clash of nations. It's exactly about all of them. So The United States. Correct me if I'm wrong, the United States became for the first time. Or at least the first time, I guess since the early 20th century energy independent, is that correct? Yeah, well, we were just there in February of 2020. When covert hit, and so we're not quite there now, but essentially Dennis, that's where we are, when a really different position than we were even 10 or 12 years ago, and I think people don't realise how much that's changed and how beneficial that's been to the country. Right is is the primary reason fracking. Absolutely this thing that started off people set off. You know, this won't work to textbooks say you can't kind of get oil and gas out of really dense rock, which shale is and a few stubborn people insisted that you could And it's changed the global market and change the position of the United States in the world. I mean, we were a little over a decade ago, we were importing 60% of our oil. Now, as you say, we're very close to being self sufficient. And by the way, we're the largest producer of oil and gas. In the world. If the Democrats win the presidency on the Senate, keep the house what will happen to fracking? Well, I think we've seen some oscillation on the Democratic side. There's part of it. Part of the party that says Ban fracking without I always think they never have their second sentence ended. What happened? And then you heard Biden the other day in western Pennsylvania were in fact, a lot of people have gotten jobs and they're, you know, have income and rescued communities because of fracking there, he said. You know, I'm not going to ban fracking. I think so. I think they'll be a battle within the Ah Biden administration if there is one And I think you know they'll have to face the question. I mean, when I said they didn't finish the sentence, I think if a banned fracking policy is really import and import a lot more oil policy because somebody will fill the gap in the people who do that will be the oil exporters. Exactly, By the way, the moment I want, you don't even have to react that I'm not trying to put you on a conservative or liberal spot here. But in my view the moment one asks, and then what? One is a conservative. Would you just leave it in the back of the that's that's what I think maturity demands and then what? But alright, So ho, I think, Dennis Dennis, I think you're right. I mean, you have to say, Well, what are the consequences of that You can't discovered on the basis of bumper stickers. Right. Bless your soul. So As you gave me an answer of what Joe Biden said in western Pennsylvania. What what is your belief about what a Biden administration would in fact, do Visa VI fracking? Well, I think partly will depend on finally on who we appoint to a few key positions. I think there will be more restrictions. You know, I think there'll be more regulation. You know which will not ban fracking. But you know, they said you can't you know, produced, you know on federal lands, and people hear that in Yellowstone National Park, but The federal government owns 48% of the western United States. There's a lot of lander. It's not Yellowstone National Park, so I think they'll be. I think you'll be that Ah Ah, and I think I think will be harder to build pipelines for these new supplies. That will be more kind of in general, will you know there'll be a bigger emphasis on regulation across the economy, especially their their pendulum swinging? It's pretty scary to me all right now. Do you have a theory as to why the opponents of fossil fuels are not pro nuclear power? Well, there are a few who are but I think it's you know, I think it's part of the DNA to be against nuclear power, too, even though it's 20% of our electricity. And it is carbon free electricity. So you know, I think it's just it's just been part of the tool kit for so long. Obviously things like Fukushima, when you know you have something like that happens, But Fukushima proves how safe it is. Well, I guess in some ways you could say that in any event, Fukushima was, you know, my previous book I looked at, you know, looked into it. You know, the seawall had been about 3 ft. Higher. It probably wouldn't have happened. But in any event, you know, let's say Germany is shut is shutting down its nuclear power. In that same period of time, China will have added more nuclear power. So other part. Other countries are moving ahead. But here it's partly also the other thing right now. Nuclear's having this problem just competing with cheap natural gas, But I have to go back to your point. I think you know they're probably some Environmentalists, some people very concerned about climate change who want nuclear power, But the vast majority of it just you know, I have written it off, right, so so here it's not a right left issue. I'm just curious. What is there is a purely emotional. I have not read a single Coherent argument against nuclear power. Yeah, I think there is. You know it goes back decades. Fear of you know what you can't see of radiation and all that sort of Hearing things, but you know, nuclear power. The United States is very well managed, and Ah, there's a very effective system for managing it. But the reason by the way, forgive me. I just want to see the reason I said Fukushima proved that safety is that was the worst case scenario and virtually no one died. You know, people died of the two NAMI not not not of radiation. Yeah, and what I was going to add, You know, it's not well known. You're actually this country now. 60 too, I think will certainly over 60 companies and projects looking at developing next generation nuclear energy. So nuclear, you know, you know, people see that nuclear if you're going to move in the direction people want, you know, people are moved to low carbon Nuclear's apart and you know it was part of that picture. The book is the new map, Daniel Yorkin, and how long have you been Writing? As long as I've been reading you've been writing were really what's going on. I started young, but you did. There's no question you did. I mean, it's I have associated your name with energy expertise. All of my adult life. I mean, that's right. You're a young man. So I mean, I'm gonna know my kid. You're kidding. The new map, energy climate and the clash of nations. The book is up Dennis prager dot com. Kind of is again Daniel Jurgen..

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