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Former White House healthcare advisor for presidents, George Bush and Bill Clinton, did you know that? I know. Dr asylum, yet, did you know, you were former White House healthcare advisor for Presidents Bush and Clinton. Yes, I do know that okay? You have a book coming out called defeating cancer knowledge alone is not enough. Why did you write this book? I wrote this book upset I completed fifty years experience and medicine and research. This book is a message good the patient and message to the doctor who three patience. It's a message to the patient to highlight the issues that you faith is and to shepherd him through out as Johnny at tell him what to do and what not to do. Is also a message to the. That. This is extremely important and medicine. See the human behind the disease that are not three thing on the edge disease. We are reaping as human being has the disease and the difference between the two. Tremendous as patients need in addition to good knowledge on this side of the dock, they need compassion. They need to be embraced by love. They need to have accessibility. You enter the health professional twenty four hours a day seven days a week, the cancer patient needs hope she needs. Reason why you should fight but severe and oh. Keys to the achievement up to. So I wrote this book. To tell the patient and the doctor. About the lessons. I have learned and the last two years. Is this a.

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