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Missouri, Ferguson, Edwin Raymond discussed on Toure Show



This is a conversation that changed how i think about american policing i sat down with two current nypd officers kept it really real you're being told go arrested bunch young black beth yes we are here the rest white kids futures we knew that but you don't usually hear officers say it that's the kind of candor ought from officers edwin raymond and derek waller who are part of a twelve officer lawsuit against the nypd alleging that officers are given quotas number of people they have to arrest and give summonses to for each month they don't meet their number as cops say they're punished and with cops pressured to be harsh on black suspects and leaning toward white ones we have a system where officers are incentivized to arrest black youths for anything it's not about bad apples it's about a policing system that sends officers chasing after black people i understood all that before but i had not heard it quite laid out in that way by people inside policing i didn't know that the department would prefer that officers make arrests versus stopping crime department only care about the quantity of arrests not the quality of them i didn't know that this flu by mind that officers know that the police are not here to protect and serve their here to generate revenue for the city or the state for the department most people learned about for profit policing from ferguson missouri but we saw that the city was funding a significant part of its budget by parking tickets and traffic tickets and fines being assessed aggressively this is a legacy of decades of taxes lowering while citizens continued to demand all the same civic services so cities used police to make up the shortfall blanketing citizens with all sorts of tickets to to raise money quite often clawing money from citizens in ways that are totally unfair you know what i'm talking about it's probably happened to you if you think there's only happens in small cities no officer raymond tells me new york city is doing this on a far bigger scale than ferguson after i had this conversation i looked at policing differently i think it will influence george wholesome policing to if you want to know more about edwin raymond and this lawsuit against the city watch the documentary crime and punishment which follows him and the other officers in the suit and sees how their lives have been changed by it this is a special episode of toray show with two nypd officers edwin raymond also discretion man and cubs that it broke away does is taking that away and derek waller spitting no no really as it doesn't the spitting taking us inside the nypd.

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Missouri, Ferguson, Edwin Raymond discussed on Toure Show

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