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You the most important news stories from the ever changing landscape to help you get a grip on what's going on and to give you plenty to talk about in the social minds facebook groups without further ado. Let's get started. Do you see a potential problem here with a complete lack of fact checking on political advertisements. Well congresswoman I think lying is bad and I think if you were to run an ad alive that would be bad. I up facebook. Ceo Sheryl Sandberg has said we can't fact check political ads. Yeah exactly that Eve's show Sundberg. She did a big interview on the NBC marked in podcast and basic came out with that said you know even if facebook wanted to. It can't really be an arbiter truth. It's too much of a job to fact check political ads. But you kind of have to agree with you know but the amount of political ads departure from the stance on the Mark Zuckerberg so of you know gone on the offensive of politicians. Basically said you know. It's not their fault. The people are weaponising. The platform and that the most democratic way of serving these ads is if people can decide fact from fiction themselves now on the back of that though and those particular on the back of the Michael Bloomberg scandal way was Paying for content unpopular meam accounts. Facebook has said that they will add political trucking onto sponsor political concern on instagram and facebook. You can see where sponsored content comes from. Essentially this is way I would say the value of Lincoln Stories. Okay if we had a stories story last week what can you tell me about? Lyndon so uncle Tan has joined the party finally only about three years after everyone else yeah yesterday. They announced that they are testing Lincoln stories now. Lincoln's have content products Pete Davies said that linked to and basically just wants to meet people where they are and imagined that accompany page or an individual might use stories to shack moments from work events or tips and tricks that help as smarter you can patriots of behind the scenes corporate situations and officers and search and allow people are giving links and really hard time for this. I mean myself included so for the on call insult they're basically saying they're chasing relevancy trying to be more like facebook with a video strategy like mirror comments that we heard when they brought out live but really. I think the platforms just trying to adjust to use the expectations because every platform has stories now every other platform has live video so uses expect those features wherever they are and linked to it. I think is just meeting. Those expectations said platform doesn't suddenly become inferior. Maybe my grandkids or even create grandkids are gonna be scrolling through this feat of Matt Co Videos and and checking out my stuff next up. Youtube has appointed. Its first create. A liaison is that yes exactly. So creativity is on. Essentially a role that sees youtube is appointing go between between the platform and its create says of which are about fifty million of them on Youtube. Now this guy's cool mcevoy joined the platform twenty twelve as a lead content strategies and he himself has been a creates a uploading videos youtube since two thousand eight so why view chip appointed him. Anybody who knows anything about Youtube will know that. Their relationship with create as as often benefit fractured over the years youtube we know have been forced to make many decisions. That have kind of upset. Great says they've been caught in the crossfire. An example of that is the recent. Ftc fine which led them to a D. monetize child facing content and look. Loughrey is got caught in the crossfire that had to label. Levity is and stuff so it is words that said It's going to be complicated stuff. On both sides. The goal is essentially to help create understand youtube vice versa. Okay next up. We've had a question. It's come over voice clip from Chas. What's up the evil of the podcast? A quick question for you guys so Do you guys believe that. Lincoln sales navigator has validated. That there is another form of lead. Gen on social media outside of advertising in the form of strategic one to one communication is so. Why do you think more people are attempting to organize streamlined? Those Processes Albion shows. We had to play that one a few times. It does sound a bit cryptic. So if you're thinking the same for those of you who don't know. Sales navigator is a premium version of linked and which allows you to create content and see information that the average. He's a concert It gives you things like that work. Email telephone number and in mail. Obviously now I think charges asking hit is if we believe that sales navigates at has given us away to validate lead generation outside of advertising and to that we say absolutely yes. I think he's also asking why more people haven't streamline this process and there are actually some challenger companies mirroring Lincoln's muddle in the B. Two B. Space. So that's not completely off the cards but if you're asking why facebook hasn't tried to follow in Lincoln's footsteps here I'd say that they have direct messaging that linked to and of course remains the only platform full strictly professional interactions for such as answers. Your question remember. If you want your question on the voice note to the details which will appear in the show description. Now we'll get back to the stories.

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