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Farrah Fawcett support will be known as her faucet majors she had a merry the six million dollar man what's your first three but the I first off a wall of fire is a very pretty lady with a gorgeous gorgeous body by the time the L. you she got to the burning bed you can see though is actually real live actor yeah she she knew her craft she did it well and she did hi I just haven't what if I were talking about doing whatever century cities you can join us here for ten W. CBM six eighty one eight hundred W. CBM six eighty I don't think it's going to matter much until we start seeing in people like Andrew Cuomo Letitia James the Attorney General of New York Gavin Newsom in California others doing to perform yeah when these people start getting arrested for interfering in federal immigration law then and only then I think are people going to take it seriously I think the climb up the ladder I don't think they'll start by going after Arnold are Cuomo or or do some they'll start you know down the ladder of somebody who's actually personally said no you got to leave here they'll file against an individual and then the climb up the ladder to whoever is next in the food chain and telly eventually told Cuomo and Newsome and the others basically you got a choice you know we've got all your underlings either you change the position or we change you are very very nice orange jumpsuit over here for you well I can't hurt pick which federal law as you like and which you don't like and the fact the matter is that they use the feds all the time a corporate with the eighty eighty of freedom and the rest of men and when they're doing investigations but now when it comes to illegal I would say if you don't like it changes change the law no you don't because you disagree with the law you don't get to make your own policy at the local level at the city level the county level state level you have to follow the law or nation of laws were have to follow the rule of law and those who don't follow the rule all guess what happens guess what happened Roger stone they're not recommending sermons in nine years on here for sixty nine year old man in jail because of a process crime other gonna put him in jail for almost ten years what about these people are openly flouting the immigration laws of the United States why aren't they being held to the same standards of Paul man a fort and Roger stone and about with the Michael Flynn sentencing has been delayed or canceled until further notice that's great news okay now just to just to know before you have an aneurysm was come over here Sean to common sense corner what are some cool were common sense quarter well here you go yeah I watch when you apply logic is not going to come to the Democrats will has one is a two year is that these people aren't going anywhere because there's been an unwillingness in Washington DC to do anything about it of substance we'll see if this time of the time they're actually going to all be all be skeptical of this honestly until I begin to see real action remote have agree pronounce but we're going to do this are going to that fine right now I'm it and if you've talked to talk not walk the walk on the other than if they don't it's an election year ploy yeah exactly saw with a groan about what the Attorney General yesterday confirming kind accidentally the DOJ is assessing the credibility of Rudy Giuliani's Ukraine information in an open investigation the DOJ has the obligation to have an open door to anybody who wishes to provide us information that that they think is relevant but as I did say to senator Graham in and we have to be very careful in with it with respect to any information coming from the crane there a lot of agendas in the Ukraine there lot of cross currents and we can't take anything we receive from the Ukraine at face value no longer that's which should be enough to where they should have done it with the president trump when they started their across for her okay but they didn't do that we know they didn't do that all the way to the Attorney General also not just very is invited eight people including a California CEO and seven others charged a multi million dollar conduit campaign contribution case falling for money Adam Schiff and multiple Democrat senators stay tuned for that one if at seven twenty nine you know of any steel is just the the bus real state the guy around as far as when it comes to selling your home to get the guarantee you get the hell so your home faster for more money and the fact is the average about to order home sold each and every year and that's why when it comes time for me to downsize and so model mom just like the one call of any and and you should too because of any does have a track record proven track record has been voted one of Maryland's top realtors year in year out he is a very philanthropic he donates some of the proceeds the Johns Hopkins children's center and again the takes all the house a lot of it and a lot of times I've seen we've done the testimonials here on the program of people whose homes of subtle market for weeks if not months in one case a full year Vinnie gets all of it any gets close to your asking price if not your asking price and sells it with his first a couple of days because of this database that he has of the ready buyers and waiting so called me today for ten seven nine three sixteen sixteen for ten seven nine three sixteen sixteen and tell my sent you.

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