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You're absolutely correct three W. drawings challenging the hitters three double plays turned behind in lots of easy ground balls the balls that have been hit in the air have been very routine fly balls the Mercer takes a fast ball striking her half of the plate to start the bottom of the eighth inning eight nothing Chicago I guess they were trying to do something they have done not done incredibly since the end of may mention is a few times but it still it to every time you say this is kind of amazing that they have not been able to put together back to back we know so it's incredible just back to back wins since the end of may line drive into center field a base hit for Jordy Mercer something for the tiger fan club about second hit over Jordy Mercer you never know except Castro in the leadoff spot in game two oh four three game today in the scene three pitches his last two trips to the plate Jones been solid in the leadoff spot Madison good swings away from the good swings and even having for a little bit longer on her felt like he was just trying to do a little bit too much in net short compact strokes that he adopted early in the year that changed everything this one make sure you got back to that pitch.

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