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You thirty million dollars in money you seen those ride to be seen as on the internet yeah those types of things you've learned to avoid them but kids don't even know this and specially kids that are you know disenchanted and disenfranchise anyway getting a letter saying hey this is how we can play this game and you won't even realize you're playing a game to kill yourself it'll be just like a game you know called caliphate training is absolutely essential in this area i appreciate you for bringing cake thank you thank you for calling thank you take care it's gonna matt in new york i met you're on ground zero how's it going good evening gowns going again etiquette spirited storm all in here so we'll quickly on the blue whale you know it's it's interesting with the intention of things like the difference between good old black and white light and dark because a lot of those um trump they thought criminal killing yourself found like some monica initiation um altered state to achieve a different controversial right in fact me what i was reading about the dynamic which is the call groupdynamic the dangerous call groupdynamic the words and phrases bitter there and the ultimate choices whether or not you want to kill yourself and chances are you're already in that state of mine when they target you so you're you're ready to go you're right for the harvest yeah and and i wanted to uh to bring it up to you talk to you about the um you're commentary on the um if a nation earlier in the inner than the main difference that i see in that as that with with the older or or more magic magical side of the nation your attempting to co cookson care being a year that's grounded in the fiscal universe and it's were were kind of in between that with or what you've created is an artificial intelligence was siri and you've created in our.

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