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Accused i read the affidavit of that that had her charges and everything on the well those like everything i read her full case and it said that this woman was directly responsible for transporting and distributing directly responsible twenty seven kilos cocaine she was indirectly responsible for receiving industry over one hundred fifty kilos of cocaine in one instance now this is just what from what i read the judge said that her and her crew could have been responsible for two thousand three thousand kilos of cocaine being distributed between texas and tennessee that being said i'm not really big on drug laws however i do believe they serve a purpose don't let the words nonviolent and elderly make you miss what actually happened here there's a reason she was denied clemency three times by the obama administration this was self serving for trump and smacks of nepotism i'm absolutely glad that mrs alice marie johnson is free i'm not glad that it seems as though clemency will be granted based on whether or not you have a celebrity or powerbroker to advocate for you and not the merits of your case because that's what happened here now what president obama was doing during his time was basically saying that if we adjust these sentencing guidelines then there are certain people who were non violent drug offenders who will get out based on the new sentencing guidelines and if we retroactively enforce them i think that was a lot of what he was advocating for having been an attorney heaven me on constitutional law attorney at one point i think that his clemency program specifically with regards to a lot of these football numbers for drug offenses was very very narrow and did not really address the issues that was one of my criticisms of president obama specifically from that standpoint now let's get like this have president obama.

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