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Honda now to Frank Hanrahan. Before we know it, the baseball season will finally be here. Think about it. It's July 4th. Usually, the Nationals are playing at Nats Park within 11 AM start. Obviously, that's not the case this year, but we're getting closer to the regular season start. July 23rd as the Nationals will face the Yankees again. Reports are coming out that baseball will release the schedule come Monday, So that's Yankees to kick things off on July 23rd also giants and the Dodgers to nationally televised games. That day, Skipper David Martinez back again day is he saw the Nats workout of Man's park. You gotta stay healthy. Because does anybody know good when if you get sick, you know, So they have been in that We had two good day. So far. They've all been and have all been getting at working so Let's hopefully keep it going and keep everybody safe. Wizards will be in a bubble come July 7th ahead do Orlando to get ready for the resumption of their embassies. And they got some exhibition games before they start in late July, July 22 against the Nuggets, like 25 against Clippers, 27th against the Lakers, D C area native Frances Tiafoe, one of the young up and coming tennis players in the world, testing positive for Corona virus. As withdrawn from the All American Team Cup tennis tournament in Atlanta was 20 to reach the 2019 Australian Open Quarter files. Frank Hand randomly Seop sports just ahead concerns about the reopening of Shenandoah National Park what it could mean for area businesses. It's 8 46 These air worry, sometimes causing.

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