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Middle finger emoji super upset about it so basically as as americans our love and our spending for dogs is getting ridiculous over eighty three percent of americans say they referred to themselves as mommy and daddy to their dog i can honestly say that i am foods daddy yeah that's true from the amount of money we spend on dogs from ninety four to twenty seventeen has gone up from seventeen billion to over seventy billion so the dirty secret why this guy says they're parasites and actually isn't like a dirt like they're like dirty it's that they don't truly care for us the way we believe they do you see the videos how like a veteran comes back and the dog like goes crazy because he recognizes it is because they're the person that feeds sons back is virtually what this guy is telling me they don't have those raw emotions and we're spending we're going crazy spending money giving them like human quality ingredients and like creating sushi bars for dogs and spending all this money for things in all these luxuries and they don't appreciate it at all and i honestly say to this guy david read i don't care i'm going to pamper my dog and it's gonna love me and i'm gonna think loves me because it's me now because i feed it and let it out don't you think that those that that think that their dog whispers understand how dogs feel think those people are weird yes do i do feel that but like you can sell like when dog sad and stuff like that or things like that but the deep feelings drake like deeply yes i don't think that a dog whisper really i don't know i agree with that i think that that's a little much my mom is a crazy dog person i'll tell you that right now so he says so that loving your dogs is or is that a look of a con man sizing up his mark science says it's the latter get outta me forget this guy i don't know i i just think that he just wants to be known and just seen thinks he's so smart it's not smart guessing pissed off america someone else was due so glad it was him all right feelings florida man charged with attacking minion on boardwalk tacky what a million from despicable me the looming okay on boardwalk daytona beach florida a man has been charged with attacking a person dressed as a minion character along a popular florida boardwalk police said jamie rome was costume as a yellow minion and working outside jungle george on daytona beach boardwalk sunday evening when a man started messing with him pointing to the police report rome said the man slammed him onto the pavement and kicked him when he tried to get back up police witnesses cheered on ryan during the alleged attack the store owner and others help detain newhart until police arrived he was charged with battery and criminal mischief the first thing i thought of when i when i heard this whole meaning guy i think of hollywood if you've been to hollywood or some places downtown here the people dressed up as like some superhero and it's never a good costume is always like some fit the worst part about it is like i'm down for the hustling the problem i have are the guys who take off their masks and so taking a smoke break right in front of why this minion had something going on before he got attacked by somebody else smoke break after taking a picture with a four year old here's a million here's a million i gotta take a little smoke that is the that is the best man i say it's the best that's the worst because because even as an adult you wanna see that character as is you don't want him to take his head off i know those people to me weird me out like they'll come up to you and they'll take your picture in the guy that's five dollars it's like no no no no no like i don't care that you're just like cinderella like keep going i don't need the picture keep going my friends is tales right here on thousand and the spn okay here's what we'll do your story what's the headline for your story you remember let's be honest america dogs are parasites not man's best friend the headline for your story felix florida man charged with attacking a million on boardwalk and we had eric in his fiancee's gas station mishap then we had a cdu do story then we had charles.

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