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The Alpine Formula One team, cuz we cuz cuz we've heard the news, you know, I think about a couple of months ago on the Formula One Instagram is that You know Alpine is to make its appearance and formula one, I think starting next season so it'll be so rental. Will then become the Alpine from one team. Right. So the Frenchman that is in charge of the rental manufacturing formula one has not heard from the Red Bull right since a couple of days ago and well according to a according to the f i a s obligation to supply engines. To a team that has none and and and we went over that obligation that you know, if if a team is left without an engine right or power unit. The the manufacturer that supplies a guest teams is to essentially give get basically now supplied to that team that has no power unit. Well the head of rent basically isn't shaking his head at that obligation. He's he's kind of like I mean, I mean, I'm okay, right but here's the other thing. He said he said that this didn't surprise him. Right? He also said that we also know that anything can happen in this sport. I knew that they had to confirm their position after 20 21, meaning they meeting Honda and now and and basically he's saying that he knew that they had to confirm their position as twenty Twenty-One. And now that was probably the time to do that off right he's saying if if Honda was going to pull out now was the most perfect time to do that right now because if anything that gives those two teams of Red Bull and off Atari to find a new supplier within eighteen months before well, I'm sorry not eighteen months basically before the end of Of or before this, excuse me before the start of the 2022 Formula 1 season. Right. He also goes on to say and maybe the lack of confirmation already was an indication. That makes sense though, right?.

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