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Code who. That's a three hour home cleaning for just twenty nine dollars. That's what the cleaning plan at Handy Dot com slash who promo code who terms and conditions apply. Visit Handy's website for more information handy. It's the most reliable name in house cleaning before we let you go back to a better evening than this impossible. We're GONNA play a game called. You must not remember this okay. Tom Title we've reached the end of the decade and every website every publication is pushing pushing out best of the decade content. So we thought we would do the same. But with you with a twist and we're seeing what you do and do not remember from gossip of the past ten years our aim so we the question for every year of the past aid. And maybe you'll remember things maybe you won't you but these are things that you probably shouldn't remember things that we should not be remembering and yet bobby I remember everything useless. You Start Bobby. So let's start with twenty ten. In August twenty. Ten Paris Tilton was charged with felony drug possession when cops found point eight grams of cocaine in her bag during a traffic stop. How did she explain away the cocaine while in court a she thought it was gum be she thought it was chapstick? See she thought it was Mints D. She thought it was advil. Wow she could think it was any of those through I'm GonNa. NSA SEE men not gum. It was I. I was thinking when I was thinking of the other options for this question. I was like well. That doesn't really have the consistency of cocaine. But then I was like neither does gump there. I don't really know what she thought we would believe but she tried. It didn't work. Did she has wrapped in foil. Who gave but to her was she like? Oh can I have some gum. And they gave her like. There's no reason that she would think it was It doesn't make any sense. This this story is what I'm also thinking. Currently the the whole that whole thing was a big mess. Twenty eleven twenty eleven in August. Twenty Eleven Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Marion lean hugely publicized ten million dollar ceremony. The tabloids repeatedly referred to as the wedding of the century. Well how many days did their marriage bridge last. God this is tough. I feel like it's either. Oh Oh you're going to give me multiple. Oh Yeah I would never do that. Yeah was it sixty seven seventy a two eighty one or eighty two. Bobby Eighty one eighty two so I feel like people knew it was within the three month. Reign okay okay months okay. Okay so I actually like was about to say that I thought it was either eighteen or eighty one. So I'm going to say eighty-one was seventy two although you do not not need to get that correct because these numbers were so close together did you just as just your own speculation. Do you think that whole thing was a publicity stunt. But it's it's a very obvious interleague. It seems like a publicity stunt but do you think there was ever anything real in that marriage. I didn't I wasn't really paying that close attention then like I didn't get into the Kardashians until I got into the Kardashian so yeah I don't know but it seems like it was just for the show. No now I think so. I think I just feel like you know. Sometimes the the Kardashian heads will argue about that and I just wanted to see. I was watching a youtube video. That was the woman interviewing people on the red carpet. Kim's twenty-seventh Birthday Party and they were interviewing Aubrey. O'Day her best friend at the time. Apparently he said I really hope. Oh Kim gets married this year wishes. I hope she gets married. Because she's such a mommy and she didn't seem very very very very the script. Birthday wish for Kim Kardashian was that she got married. I was like wow. This is incredible document. Okay this okay. Eight twenty twelve. This is ridiculous in the summer of twenty twelve just months before the release of the final twilight movie Kristen Stewart was caught quote unquote cheating on Robert Robert Pattinson with a director named Rupert Sanders. Witch non twilight movie. Did he direct Kristen Stewart. Was It on the road. The runaways ways. Welcome to the Riley's member that I don't or Snow White and the Huntsman Snow because every headline was so the huntsman directors and adding to the dramas sanders wife played kristen's mother in the snow. White movie that her husband directed and before where she pulled down her twitter account tweeted and Instagram of snow. White drinking from what looks like a liquor bottle and wrote not so pretty or so pure after all this Swiss a crazy tabloid story. When I was I was looking up? All the photos of this. And it's like this was on the cover every like I forgot how big this was. Meanwhile wild today if there were a headline saying Kristen Stewart was making out with someone Rupert Sanders. Everyone would laugh at all because I mean so. He turned her gay. Thank afraid but just she was having this highly like this. This huge the a love triangle with two men now is just wild thing to think about. She is like the Leonardo di Caprio of Lesbian. Now like how thin was she even part of this like. It's amazing. I also think I also I think that the Senate confirming. I think that this was a publicity stunt because the photos when you look at them. They're just they are extremely staged. So made nick. Maybe they were just is trying to drum up publicity for both of the movies but anyway twenty thirteen. Do you want me to do power through these. Sorry wait bobby long okay. An hathaway made headlines in the spring two thousand thirteen for changing her Oscar address. Last minute explaining that quote it came to my attention late Saturday nights there would be address more into the Oscars. Oscar de remarkably similar to the Valentino. I had intended to wear and so I decided it was best for all involved to change my plans. Though I love address I did wear it. Was a difficult lasted decision as I. So look forward to wearing Valentino in honor of the deep and meaningful decision relationship. I have enjoyed with the house and with Valentino himself. I deeply we regret any disappointment. This caught who. Where did she write that? It's like the most it's the most peak and hathaway statement like I end. All my statements ever need to write a statement. Yeah Okay so the question is it was later revealed who the other dress belong to. Who Was it was it Jennifer Lawrence? Amy Adams Amanda safe read which I always was pronouncing correctly or Jessica chastain. See Fred C.. Suki free cell. I mean this was probably the Les Miz also and so it would be like super caddy and weird if it was Amanda Siegfried But I'm GONNA say Jennifer Jennifer Lawrence. Apparently the rumor was that it was Jennifer. I but then people confirmed was Amanda and then after after all the drama trauma came out where it was like their feuding. Amanda just tweeted fact. I love you an but the thing is if she actually loved her she would call her Anne right right because you know she gets anxious any just love that Anne hathaway statement before serenity came out and and people didn't like it she released like a like I don't know a pre shape she was. She released a statement the day before it came out saying like people aren't going to like this because what it's art at very long inscription anyway. She's he's great at captions. Inmates One thousand fourteen Jay Z and salons knowles got into a fight inside an elevator at the standard hotel after us at attending the met gala. We've seen the video. We've heard the explanations sir. Can you remember what the metal theme was. That year was Charles James Beyond Fashion Alexander McQueen savage beauty punk chaos took a tour or China through the looking glass. Bobby I would never get this two thousand fourteen S. Yes I mean say Alexander it it was that was thousand eleven. It was Charles James Beyond fashion. It's just funny that I have no memory of this. I don't either not at all. I remember elevator. I think they've gotten better at trying to make the themes a little more viral so long as they're just trying to get to come back. That's the only thing that they can do this point. Okay two thousand fifteen. I know you'll know the answer. This in two Thousand Fifteen Tori spelling fell on a hot grill nyc conic restaurant chain spellings spellings rep had no comment. But according to a source Tori hadn't even started to eat when she slipped and fell she grabbed onto the side of the hot grill and burned her arm at the time. It didn't seem Thomas Beth. The doctors told her it was the next day. which chain restaurant was? She burnt at was it. I just wanted to hear your multiple choices. I don't even know how you would burn yourself at at a cheesecake factory or a Tgi. Friday's or Chili's or Benny Honner. Obviously it's funny. How you are correct? That is my bet. Is the by far the best thing that happened in two thousand fifteen fifteen which is amazing and it's getting easier in two thousand sixteen. Tom Had Allston wore an iconic tank. Top all being photographed at his. Then girlfriend Taylor Swift's fourth of July birthday party. What did the tank top say? Iheart New York Iheart Taylor. Iheart T. S. or Taylor swift is my girlfriend and I love her very much. I think it's see it's either Baresi to yes. That's right IHEART. Tia's that tank tiled arranged terrible Two thousand seventeen so the end of the eight-year marriage between FYRKE and Joshua Mel Sosa if you saw their divorce papers however it would save Fergie as dual Mel's ex-wife's ex-wife's legal name. What is Fergie's given name Stacy Ferguson? What's her middle name? What's her middle name? Do you know now. It didn't say that on kids kids incorporated it Stacey and Ferguson. But you get that one hundred percent and the last one because we don't know that we didn't have the big stories between nineteen yet. It feels like ages ago but it was only last year two thousand eighteen. That's the hook up and then break up of Pete. Davidson Arianna guerande during their short relationship. Davidson got the got three tattoos. Dedicated to Arianna. Uh which one of these did he not get a sketch of Ariana's pet pig piggy smalls h two G. Komo Aka Honest to God. Knock me out Arianna his favorite cartoon Winnie the Pooh or dangerous woman. Inspired Bunny ears I'm GonNa say Winnie the Pooh Pooh and that was a trick question. Because he already had a winnie the Pooh ed just to collect some of the worst tattoos I've ever seen in my full life if you want to check those out sometime eventually. It's actually insane. How many bad tattoos this person has? Can I suggest that you guys in the future do a segment or a game about celebrity liberty. Tattoos called who tat well inquiry gestion taken weekly. WHO TAT TAT? Don't cleanup games anymore. But Yeah and you're you're welcome to use. You must not remember this in case you ever come across garbage that you don't want your listeners to remember that's all all yours remember any of that Is there anything else that you want to plug. I know you're doing a spin off series that people are contributing to and I. I was hoping you would WanNa talk about that sure. Yeah we're GONNA start that's going to start running and at the end of January. It's called make me over and it stories about like Hollywood's intersection with the beauty industry and so it spans from the silent era with the first Hollywood weight loss surgery all the way to the nine hundred ninety indies and like there's a an incredible episode about like black beauty in Hollywood so Yeah so I'm really super excited about that. We have eight in like individual writers.

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