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Of humanized him and makes him i think just such a remarkable figure people just don't know a lot about it they don't know the details that don't know the key figures and perhaps it's because a generation later world war two was so much bigger and consume the entire planet for the most part but when you look at the drama by which the war started with the assassination of archduke ferdinand and then the domino effect of countries getting into this war and why do you think it has gotten such short shrift i think part of it is just how it's taught in high schools and it really gets entrenched there and so it's it's always you know one little chapter in our history textbooks and it's kind of the same story the sinking of the lusitania and in the zimmermann telegram and then obviously preceding this is the european part of of the archduke and getting us acetate in germany and russia and french and the birdsall going after each other and we come we come in sort of late nineteen seventeen but one of the stories i really focus on it i'm sure you're familiar with are all the americans who joined up in nineteen fourteen when the war was just starting and these were mostly very well educated men who were in paris at the time and they love france they were american by birth but they really felt they wanted to contribute to the war efforts they joined the french foreign legion they legally could not join the french army because since the america since america was a neutral nation they couldn't be part of the french army but technically when you joined the foreign legion your putting your alliance to the legion not france now the germans thought this is a pretty ridiculous distinction were upset about it but it's still how the americans got around it and then they all then a these guys started flying and what was called the lafayette esca drill and so you have these americans going over there and serving in some capacity.

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