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To think about leaving but I have plenty of water and food. and go out and battery's the fairest wheel in the center of town was dark last night lo mein Charleston maybe in the most danger of flooding with the possible storm surge of ten feet hurricane evacuation resident busy as people seem to be heeding the warning to get out Dave until there's a new report from the trump administration watchdog on migrant children separated from parents from coming here illegally either health and Human Services inspector general says kids severed posttraumatic stress other health problems we're gonna more today about three point six billion dollars being transferred to the military to fund border wall Pentagon plans to release the list of more than a hundred military construction projects affected democratic New York senator Chuck Schumer called espers move a slap to the face of the armed forces and fox's Lucas Tomlinson America's listening to fox news now here's your storm team ten forecast for the rest of the day partly sunny conditions give way to a line of scattered showers and thunderstorms surrounding the evening commute high temperatures reach the low eighties with a slightly muggy feel rain ends by midnight tonight the partly cloudy skies developed for Thursday highs in the middle seventies I'm storm team ten meteorologist Christina Ernie on newsradio nine twenty and one of four seven FM this report is sponsored by indeed dot com. nine twenty one oh four seven FM traffic you are stopping go on ninety five north from point straight to the state offices there's a left lane street sweeping crew that will be working up to the mass state line until two thirty today you're on your break some ribs sixties from Toby straight ten ninety five I'm Jacki mark the end newsradio nine twenty one oh four seven Afghan. indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring where business owners and HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions then sort review and communicate with candidates from an online dashboard learn more at indeed dot com slash higher.

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