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Not much. Are we going to have any more bucks line this year? Is it just depend on? We do. Well, it depends. Keep listening to six ten WTVN five seven the zone. We have done it before before bowl games. A lot depends on the place here and stuff. I don't know the answer to that. But stay tuned. Well, you've done a great job. And you guys have been great to my question is urban officially lost the title of spatial teams coach because I save we blocked a kick. I say he was kinda Oregon about there was two plays. They were going to run the one he picked didn't work or that's not the one they used I should say. And how do the coaches decide that he said he only had two point one seconds. So how is it? They design that. Yeah. You're talking about the punt block that Gregg giannotti he said put in and he was like that's never going to work. He's not going to have enough time to to get there. But Chris Alavi did how does that work in discussions at? All right. Let's try this. Yeah. What you do? First of all, you do film scowling film. You decide you know, what's best block to us. What determines that? And it looks like to me in this one. It was a slow get off time. You know, what you want to punt the ball isn't about one point nine seconds. That's enough for a black. A point six six snap in a one point two three hand foot time L get at one point nine. But what they look like to me. They're slower than. A one nine it was over two because Alavi came from the outside and looped underneath good push from the guys, you know, good takeoff. Those guys, but he wrapped itself all the way round. There's no way in the world. Does she get there? If you get good operation time, but great job of scouting out. They probably said this guy slogan it off. Let's go get it. You know, what's interesting is the all big ten awards came out. And there were some that, you know, you scratch your head about well, the one that I scratch my head about the most Chris hunter, drew I team. It went to will heart of Michigan who Chris Alavi blocked punt and on Twitter. The big ten football tweeted out will heart university of Michigan named two thousand eighteen big ten punter of the year. And drew Crispin tweeted over it and said, I'm fine with the gold pants..

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