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The financial backer to cancel the event. We will no longer be participating in ongoing related activities. Now, a source who has worked on many festivals over the last twenty years tells Rolling Stone, the loss of Superfly is catastrophic. Superfly leaving the fall. That's just the death knell to Woodstock. Okay. So you know, who's going to jump in and financially back them next. I can sense it live nation movie pass. That's it. And then it's gonna be like you just pay one just. Nine dollars. You can see everything one week later. It'll be nine hundred dollars, and you can see everything, and you can see it'll get jaw rule and Billy McFarland. Align them say it's murder. Conde west is developing a show time and Thala g series in which Jaden Smith would play a young Conde west in an alternate reality. That sentence makes it. Title Omni verse it is described as a limited half hour and following series. Examining the many doors of perception the first season the Guan for which a pilot script has been commissioned would explore ego through the alternative reality of Connie. Wes know, the details aside from that cryptic longline were immediately available. I have a. Yeah. We don't need to do this one. Go ahead. Do it. Just don't really care that could be like more of a. Maybe a play in your backyard. We go. There we go the performance thanksgiving night after the dinner like the kids do. Falling asleep in the recliner, his mouth open. You know, uncle Harry's drunk. Then you realize uncle, Harry is grandpa. And following the success of their instantly sold out first collaboration last fall Carnaby in fashion. Nova are teaming up again, according to a press release the fashion set is to launch on may eighth and Cardi second line for the fast fashion retailer will include one hundred seven pieces one of seven point one pieces. Inspired by eighties and nineties influences. Bells themes of empowerment and rebellion. The focus will be on classic boudoir theme. With core sets latex, vegan leather and hyper shine, wet look. So basically stripper outfits. Yeah..

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